Friday, May 31, 2013

Who are you doing it for?

Today while in the post office, I overheard a young lady on the phone. She was talking extremely loud, but her conversation kept me listening. She indicated how the guy she was seeing told her he would not make her his girlfriend until she lost the weight. Now, I have been in this same situation before, so I understood her argument. However, the Tanisha today will not accept that.

She was telling the person on the phone how she hates this diet because all she eats is salad and drink water. Her exact words was, "I hate eating only salads and no burgers. But, I really want to be with him, so I gotta lose this weight now."  I was very taken aback because my mother always say, when a man want you to change all the things about you before he do something with you, means when you do it, he still won't.

I felt bad for this poor girl because she really has not understand that in order for her to be loved by others, she has to love herself. A man or woman should not give you restrictions or guidelines before the decide to be with you. You have to be with someone because you want to be with them - not if they change something first. Then she's doing something that she really do not want to do, that is where she will fail at.

When people (family, friends, doctors, etc.) tell you to lose weight, you are most likely to not start or be successful at it. Why? You have no self-motivation to want to do it. There are certain things that we do because we depend on it: i.e.: you know you have to pay your rent, so you go to work everyday and work overtime when you really don't want to. But, you are doing it because you need someplace to live. For health situations, that same theory does not quickly register over. My mom used to call me and tell me about the different young, wheelchair bound overweight people she seen at her job. She would add scare tactics to this, but she was doing it because she was telling me I needed to lose weight. I would take it in, do a diet, or go to the gym, but once I had an opportunity for why I couldn't stick to it, I used it. I WAS NOT READY!

Leaving the Post Office, it made me realize how so many people are all in the same shoes - the shoes I once was. Now, I look at MY decision to change MY LIFE. I appreciate the fact I have the willpower and self-motivation to push for a healthier lifestyle - no tricks, no gimmicks, no diets, no pills, and no surgery. It is a great feeling! Find your motivation and stick to it!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healthy Living Tip: How NOT to revert to the PAST

Healthy living requires you to sometimes reflect on your past. The past of diets and failed attempts of wanting to lose weight or even be healthy. Should you look to your past? YES! The past will help you to identify the trigger points of your failed attempts. The picture below is a great reminder as to why you need to take the time to reflect on why you are where you are today.


See in the past we went on diets, and once the diet was over, we tried to keep focused and maintain this newfound life. However, once you come off the diet, what happens? You revert back to where you were before or more. Once, I was on this protein shake doctor under the guidance of a phyisican (facility will remain nameless). They gave me two shakes a day and one "sensible" meal a day. So, the weight came flying off. I think I started that diet at about 301 pounds, and within my first 2 weeks I had lost literally 16 pounds. Boy, was I excited. I felt motivated, and driven. Since I was under doctor's orders, I thought this was healthy. I went on and on about how happy I was. But, once I started realizing how much money I was spending a month on these visits to the doctor's office, I had to stop - my budget was not feeling this after 2 months.

Fast forward not 6 months, but 2 months later guess what happened? I had gained all the weight back plus an additional 10 pounds, so I ended up at a 311 pounds - depressing. So, now as I reflect on the past and realize these diets are crazy. They are designed to make you quickly revert back to the old lifestyle . Living healthy means that "After-After" is going to look AMAZING, not depressing.

Keep this in mind as you go through the process. Make wise decisions based upon what you want in life... Forget the people who say do not look or think about the past... No, you need to in order to identify ways in being successful going forward.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

REAL CONVERSATION: Overcoming Late Night Snacks!

Good morning everyone,

Sorry I am late, but better late than never lol.  So, I experienced something last night - late night snacking! Yesterday I had an emotional day, and decided to take a nap. Well, my nap turned into sleep, and I woke up at 12am. At midnight, I was wide awake, and guess what happened? I wanted a snack so bad.

I first had a grape fruit and lemon water to calm down my cravings... That did not work. My body was going crazy looking for something bad and delicious to put in my body. Since my gums were hurting, I took a trip to the 24 Hour Rite Aid to buy some oral care to ease the pain. But, while I was in the store, I literally walked pass the chips for like 5 minutes. I picked up a yogurt, but I went back by the chips, and yes, I purchased a bag of chips. So, yes even I give in sometimes. Once I got in the car, I opened the bag, and started to eat them - I could not resist. I told myself, when I get 5 blocks away, I would stop eating them, and throw the bag out (not out the window). So, I did that. I ate until I got 5 block away, and put them in the bag of the truck. When I got to the garage, I threw the bag in the trash. I satisfied my cravings, but put limits on how much. I knew I could not eat the entire bag, did not want to revert to my old ways, even if it was just a few chips.

This goes to show that every once in a while, you will face that temptation, just hope it does not come at 1am like mine. It was challenging, but you have to know yourself and just how much will power you have. Remember, the point of this healthy lifestyle is not to limit you, but to help you make adjustments. This is a long journey, but one that is worth living and fighting for.

Over and out. Until later...

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Monday, May 27, 2013

Love YOU

Today I just read something that made me angry. One of my Success Weight's members was violated by a man because of her weight. When will it stop? It does not make sense for a man to punch a female in the face all because he does not like the way she look. If you hate yourself that much, then walk away and find someone who you are attracted to. People who are overweight have enough issues to live with, and your ugly words and actions should not impact their day.

This young lady was disrespected, and it was because she was overweight. My message to her and anyone else, please understand everyone is not vicious and looking to hurt you. We have to accept the fact that most people do not like themselves; therefore, they find every reason to hurt you more. See we can eat right and work out to fix the external aspect of ourselves, but these people will always be negative and ugly - it will never change.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep a positive mindset during this process, but you have to know who you are, and why you are the way you are. Loving yourself enough so when people sting you with their negative words, it won't hurt you. We have to accept cruel people walk this earth, but if you keep your faith, and continue to love yourself, you will not have as many bad day.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Success Weight's Founder Success Story Feature

I, Tanisha, Success Weight's Founder was featured on Calorie Count's website. They shared my weight loss success story. Please take the time to read it - I hope it inspires you or someone you know.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Self-Motivation: The Choice is Always Yours

Transitioning into a healthy lifestyle means you are accepting the responsibilities going forward. You have learned how to make the best choices for yourself, but have also motivated yourself to make those choices. When I hear people say they could not do something because it was not their faults, I wonder if they really believe that. Speaking first hand, I know all about choices, and how I've constantly made poor choices in the past, but blamed everyone else for my choices. Now, I accept when I eat something that I know it really bad for me - Big Mac from McDonalds or chicken and french fries from the Chinese Restaurant. I no longer blame time, people, or limited choices. I go into the situation understanding this is the choice I am making and know the outcome in the end - guilt.

When people make poor decisions, immediately they feel guilty and feel they've let themselves down - do not worry - we all make mistakes. Accept your decision, live with it, and move forward. The worst thing you can do is dwell in the poor decision slump because you will only constantly think of that and still cheat later. NO! Accept it and make sense of it. This is why members of Success Weight are constantly reminded to record everything they eat and do - good or bad. We have to know and understand the patterns we developed, and find ways to correct them. This is how living healthy can change your whole perspective on life and food.

Remember we all have choices. Before you make that choice, truly analyze what it is going to do for you. Will it really make you feel better? Sure, maybe for the moment. But, once it settles in, you are going to feel horrible, maybe even tired and fatigue. These are the choices we live with daily. Temptation is close and nearby, but you have the power to control what goes in! You can do it! I have nothing but support in you!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Losing Weight Slowly and Gradually

Losing Weight Slowly and Gradually 

            Losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges most people will face. The people who do not need to lose weight are quite lucky; they do not have to worry about how to balance their eating and how to incorporate exercising into their lives – awesome. Unfortunately, people seeking to be healthier need to find ways to change their lifestyles, but also find ways to lose the weight. This is where the big dilemma comes into play – do you lose it slowly and gradually or quick and fast?

            Losing weight too fast is not healthy. Despite the fact that we were probably able to put 2 pounds on a day, does not mean we are going to lose 2 pounds a day. There are methods to which has allowed people to quickly lose the weight – diet pills or special crazy diets. For instance, I once did a shake diet supervised by a physician. They gave me 2 shakes a day (similar to slim fast, but thicker) and I can have any type of meal, but the preference was a healthier meal. Okay, so technically I was only taking in about 900 calories a day under this diet. So, I lost the weight FAST! I was able to lose about 30 pounds in a month – I felt awesome until two things happened:
1.      I saw my body was not looking good. Since I was not exercising, the weight just came off wherever it came off. So, my butt began to sag, and my stomach looked awkward. I wish I had pictures from those days because it is hard to explain.
2.      I quickly hit a plateau. Plateau is when your body stops losing the weight regardless of what you are doing – it remains steady. This happens more when people diet and take extreme measures. This happened to me after I lost the first 35 pounds.

Now that I had hit a plateau and could not afford the shakes anymore, I was forced to go back to my old habits. I tried to maintain a healthy eating habit, but I realized I never had one. The shakes did not help me to understand the dynamics of the body and how it works. So, as quick as the 35 pounds came off, was as quick as it came back on plus more.

When I first started my lifestyle change in October 2012, I had set some extreme goals – “want to lose 20 pounds in a month”. But, after some time researching, I realized my mindset had to change about life and the weight. Once I put into my mind that it did not come on overnight; therefore, it will not come off overnight, the slow and gradual concept became vivid to me. Life consists of challenges and those challenges are supposed to test us on various levels. So, by December 2012, I had lost about 35 pounds, and days before New Year’s Eve, my house was robbed. Since I do not go to the gym, I used my Xbox as my exercising tool, and they stole that. I was not able to get a new one for quite some time, maybe a month. Did I lose weight? Not really, maybe two or three pounds. But, did I gain? NOPE! I was able to maintain my weight because I was not on a diet, but had embraced my lifestyle change. Also, it was necessary for me to give my body a rest and time to adjust to this new lifestyle so I could avoid hitting a plateau and getting frustrated.

So, what do you do to encourage slow and gradual weight loss and avoid plateau?

1.      Understand you are not living healthy to lose weight, but living healthy to live longer
2.      Change up your exercise regime to focus on different parts of your body. Do not dwell too much on doing a lot of cardio or a lot of weights – a nice combination will help with consistent, gradual weight loss
3.      Grasp the mindset that it is okay to stay at the same weight for a few days or week or two – your body is resting and catching up
4.      Trying new foods; do not eat the same things
5.      No diet pills! I cannot stress this. Adding diet pills can increase how much weight you lose, and once you stop taking them, you will not lose as fast anymore. This can be discouraging
6. When you reach major milestones (about ever 25 pounds) give your body a break. Slow down for a while with your exercising for a week or two.

Healthy living is a concept many people have yet to conquer. When you focus on losing the weight only, you will get caught up in the numbers game. This is not about the numbers, but about the fact you want to get it off AND keep it off. Some people will lose maybe 2 pounds a week – that is fine. Once you start losing 5-6 pounds a week, you are going to fast or not eating enough – either way it is not healthy.

Remember the objectives are: (1) be healthy; (2) get the weight off; (3) keep the weight off! Keep this in mind, and you too will be successful!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real conversation: never forget where you once were

Someone asked me why do some now thin/healthy people forget where they were once overweight? You know these people did what they had to do to get healthy, so you look to them for guidance through your own journey.  But, when you speak to these people,  they act as if they never were once in your shoes. They scold you for making poor eating decisions,  and they scream at you because you can pass insanity's fitness test.
I told this person: some people alter their lives, and pretend they never lived that life or were always healthy.  This could be for many reasons,  but we have to take heed to those people's issues,  and say to yourself,  "I'm not going to forget the life I once lived."
Forgetting can make you revert to the days you act the way you used to. We need to remember the bad days in order to accept the good days ahead of you. Listening to those types of people should be encouraging because as you look for role models/mentors through this journey,  you will look for people you do not want to model after.
Live in the present,  appreciate the past, but look forward to the future.
Tw aka Plus Size Health Nut

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Healthy Life = Happy Life

One of my members stated I seem less angry since I've made this change. Well it is true.
Living a healthy life by choice equals a happy life. When doctors or illness force you to live healthy, it can be difficult to love it and appreciate it. So, do something about it now before it comes to that point.
When I think back to the unhealthy days I was miserable. Back pains, negative people in my circle, and I was just unhappy with myself. But, we don't factor in how things are related to one another. For so long I wanted to lose weight, but I wasn't fully prepared for what was meant for me; therefore, I was not always the best person. Now that I have my health inline with things everything is coming to play.

My relationship with my mom has improved. She used to unintentionally hurt my feelings because she would talk to me about losing the weight so I can be healthy. I never wanted to hear that and would get angry with her. Now, our relationship is stronger.

My circle of friends has increased and we motivate each other. I have friends making smoothies and a few joined Success Weight because they saw the results.

My love life is stronger. When you're unhappy, you attract people who will add to that unhappiness. At the beginning of my journey, I was dating someone, but as I got control of my mindset and truly dedicated my life to this, I had to remove myself from that relationship. Now, I am with someone who is in my corner and provides support on everything I do - work, school, and my journey. So it does force you to surround yourself with people who care.

So if you truly want to be happy, life a healthy life. You can do it!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Speak your health into existence

So, this morning I was getting dressed to go get my hair done and a pastor was preaching.  He stated to put what you want in front of you, and it shall happen.  He gave an example of couples wanting twins, and how they put two diapers in a place to represent the twins they wanted.  They had their set of twins - not immediately,  but it happened eventually. They believed that after claiming what they wanted that it would come, and it did. Immediately it made me think of living healthy.
Some days you will not feel motivated and may even feel you will not lose the weight or be healthy, but the reality is, you have to put what you truly want, put it in front of you, speak it into existence,  and it shall happen. Many times we think of something we want,  but don't speak of it like it is ours already. We get discouraged,  and allow the negative to block the vision we see in our minds.
You want a healthy lifestyle or have a goal in mind? Maybe you want to be a certain weight,  have your blood pressure at a certain number,  or you want to come off insulin for your diabetes.  Then right it down and make sure you claim it. Put it someplace where you can see it everyday, and when the day comes, say thank you and speak of a new goal. But, remember this may not happen overnight. You may not reach the goal overnight, but as long as you are doing your part, it will happen. Keep a positive perspective and it will happen. Each day you see what you want, tell yourself, "In order for this to happen, I have to do..." This will keep you focused on this healthy living journey. Living a healthy life is a major component to living a happy life. Feel good inside and out.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Success Weight Introductory Meeting! - NYC Only

Looking to get healthy?
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Thursday, May 16, 2013


So, I always have people asking me random questions, and I feel it is best to answer them here with you all.

The question that was presented to me was, did you consider gastric bypass surgery? The answer is YES! Two times I have gone to well-known surgeons in NYC to entertain the idea of gastric bypass surgery because I felt it was my very last resort. Both times I really did not try anything or put my all into trying to lose the weight, but I knew I did not want to be big anymore.

The first time I went I sat and listened to all the options they had for me. I was looking into the LapBand surgery because I did not think I could tolerate the full gastric bypass. The doctor was very supportive, informative, and provided real information - benefits and risks. So, as he took my medical history he indicated from that day that my insurance may possibly deny it because although my BMI (body mass index) classified me as being morbidly obese, I was technically healthy - no diabetes, high blood pressure, nothing!

When I left his office, he gave me all the options and the details for me to follow over the course of the next couple of weeks/months in the event I was in fact denied. The surgeon submitted all the documentation, and guess what? I was denied! This made me frustrated because it seemed to me that the health insurance company was against me and my goal and desire of being healthy. I went back to my primary doctor, and we followed the guidelines presented by the surgeon over the course of a year.

I got frustrated and did not follow the surgeon's guidelines and just gave up. After the first time, I went back a few years later - the same surgeon. This time, I did what he asked me to do previously, and felt I was going to get approved. I had blood work done, and it showed I had some cholesterol issues; therefore, I knew in heart it was going to get approved. This time the surgeon suggested a modified option of the gastric bypass which is called the sleeve gastrectomy. This option seemed a lot better for me because I did not like the reviews I read about the LapBand, and felt the sleeve was a better option.

Again, the surgery was denied. Boy, this was frustrating!!! I realized finally and just came to accept the fact that regardless of what others were doing that maybe I was not meant to have these surgeries, and God was trying to stop me from making a mistake. Regardless of my frustration, I felt there was a need to just get it done and over with. I knew people who had it done, and some looked great, but some looked a little ---- creepy. They lost the weight too fast that it did not look right on them.

My family did not want me to get the surgery because they heard of so many negative reactions and side effects. I just wanted the weight off, and wanted it off immediately. I never liked to see slow progression, I only wanted quick and fast solutions, but I never realized just how unsafe this surgery could be on me and my life. I have a few friends who have had some form of gastric bypass, and one indicated it was a big mistake. He never changed his mindset about food; therefore, it did not benefit him because although he was slim and smaller than before, he was still a fat kid deep inside. Listening and seeing him in action was unbelievable, and made me realize I could not live my life like that - it was too unhealthy. I really was upset because I felt I had no more options.

Now as I look back on these two attempts, I am happy they did not go through. I had to realize the weight did not come on overnight, and it will not come off overnight; therefore, I had to do my part to ensure I was going to be healthy. Yes, it took me a long time to get it together, but now I see the benefits of my decisions, and know I am not doing it the right way and for the right reasons. I do not have to worry about putting my life in danger by going under the knife. If I am already healthy, then I need to do everything in my power to ensure I remain healthy because this is what I need to live longer.

So, my advise to people looking to get the weight loss surgery, please take the time to realize there is a lot that goes into this surgery, and you could put yourself into a dangerous situation if you do not change your lifestyle. The surgery is meant to help you get to a healthier you, but you have to program your mind to think the very same way. Nobody wants to be overweight, but the reality is until you realize surgery and/or diets will not resolve your issue, then you will constantly fight this battle.

I wish you all the best of luck in your decisions!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

REAL CONVERSATION: Everyone will not understand this journey...

Good morning everyone!

So, something recently happened that made me want to write about this topic. So, late in 2012, I met a guy, and he was really into me. He is educated, gainfully employed, and loves plus size women. When we met, I was at least 340 - this was in the early phase of my journey. He praised me and told me how beautiful I was, but when I told him that I was losing weight - he changed. He started making comments about I do not need to lose weight and should accept the way I was (300+).

Well, this really made me question why some people are against people's decision to lose weight especially when the person is clearly unhealthy. Just because I may not have the necessary health issues, does not mean it is healthy for me to carry around the excess weight either. I was extremely upset because I did not understand why this man wanted someone who was unhealthy - maybe his insecurities, but you have to understand people will not always agree with our decisions. This decision to lose a couple of pounds or a lot should be based upon what you want, not based upon someone's preference for you.

The guy kept making inappropriate comments and just did not understand the reasons behind wanting to change my lifestyle. He kept calling it a diet - I reminded him it was nothing of the sort, but he kept pushing the issue. So, he became history and I stopped speaking to him for a few months... Until the day he sent a random text message, "Are you still 300?" I was proud to say on that day, "No, today I weighed in at 297!!!" He kept talking to me, but I asked him, "What is your purpose? I am not changing besides going down in weight..." He indicated he was happy for me, but just prefers me at 350 pounds. He actually indicated, "I was insanely beautiful before, but now I am alright - just pretty."

I was insulted at first, but realized people are people. If I was naive, I would have listened to this fool and others who come with their complaints about my weight. Yes, some people think being healthy means we want to be skinny. I remind people all the time, I love my curves. I have a nice shape and as the weight goes down my shape becomes more define; therefore, I will never ever be skinny (God willing), and I am not doing this to become skinny. This journey requires me to put my mind into making changes, and these changes are making me smaller. Nobody can say they are 100% healthy walking around with 300+ of FAT, not muscle, but fat. So, why would I want to torture myself and drag my body through such horror any longer?

As my mom always say, "Everyone has an opinion just like they have an asshole." People who are emotional eaters could take someone's comments like that, and really turn backwards to satisfy someone else. When I look in the mirror and stand by myself in the bathroom or my bedroom, I see only one reflection - mine; therefore, if anyone - family, friends, man, or woman have an opinion about why I do not want to be OBESE for the rest of my life, then they do not belong in my life.

We cannot make others happy on our journeys. If someone is negative and trying to make you revert back to the old habits, then you need to let them go, and move forward with your life without them. It is not easy, but it is something that requires a lot of time because you will realize in the long run those people never had good intentions for you. Good luck, and remember you are strong and can make the changes, but take small steps towards a large accomplishment!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

REAL CONVERSATION: Love and Healthy Living

 This topic comes up very often – does love/relationships have an impact on your healthy living? The answer is YES!

Changing your way of life is very important for people who have traditionally lived an unhealthy lifestyle for so long. Each day you are faced with challenges, some days you are going to fail, but having supportive people in your network can provide for a happy transition throughout this process.

They say love makes your gain weight. From experience this is both true and false. I was with someone for two years, and he loved to eat. Eating was like a hobby for him – he wanted to go out almost every other night, and once we lived together this only got worse. Right before I met him, I had just lost 50 pounds, but once I fell in love, the pounds slowly, rather rapidly came back on. It was definitely an experience. But, I was in love. He never made me feel any type of way about my weight, but once I realized it was time for me to lose weight, he didn’t care one way or another. Needless to say, I did not lose the weight.

Fast forward to 2010, when I met my ex.; boy, did my weight fluctuate in this relationship. One I was emotionally unhappy, and turned to food as my way to deal with the lack of everything in this relationship – trust, happiness, love (from him), and everything that went with it. Then I got pregnant, and by 3 months I had gained an additional 20 pounds. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage, but the damage was done – 20 pounds was added to my already plus size frame. Of course, this showed that love could have a negative impact – not only on my weight, but mentally and emotionally too.
When I started in October 2012, I was still with my ex, but by that time I had gained control of myself and knew how to handle him and all he threw my way – especially the bad. I put aside the lack of love I felt from my “partner” and dived into me and my goal of losing weight. He did not support me, nor did he really provide for any encouragement – luckily I had my mom, sisters, and friends there to support me in the early phase of my weight loss. I would send him pictures of myself after losing 20-25 pounds, and all I would get was a “nice”. There was little to no support, but I had processed the fact this person was not going to be in my life much longer, and that I was able to achieve greatness with or without him. That relationship ended J

So, now I am here with my long time love. Yes, I’ve known him for 10+ years – he was my college boyfriend. Despite the fact that I have been in several relationships throughout my life, he was always there in my life, and just so happen that right in the mist of my turmoil (house being robbed before New Years), he came and brought a newfound level of happiness. When he saw me after I lost the first 10 pounds, the words of encouragement quickly followed. He gave me advice on how to do certain things, and when I would call him seeking pity, he was the one telling me to get over myself, and “make it happen.” Since he has been in my life again permanently, my level of happiness and calmness has increased. I am 10x more content with my progress because I know there is someone outside of my normal support group who understands and cares. What makes it funny is, he is very fit. Exercising is his hobby; he can work out without thinking whereas it used to be a chore for me. He pushes me and makes me feel comfortable in my skin, but he reminds me that he fell in love with me a long time ago and it really doesn’t matter about the number on the scale – he wants me to be happy in my skin, and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

So, what can love do for you during this healthy lifestyle change? Well, it depends on you and the person you are with. Love can have a negative impact on you based upon the person you are in a relationship with. My first ex boyfriend was not bad, but due to the fact he loved to eat out so much, we went out all the time. Yes, this was quality time, but I was not in the state of mind to make the smart, healthy decisions like today. The last ex, well the emotional toll he put on me drove me to eat more on top of the pregnancy I experienced. But, now I have the healthy balance. We can go out and have fun, but he helps me to make smarter decisions while I am able to have a happy and loving relationship. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. How does love impact your healthy lifestyle?

Monday, May 13, 2013


DIET: such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight: (

This word bothers me because it imposes that you are going to LIMIT certain foods forever, but in actuality you are going to limit it for just a temporary situation. A few weeks ago, I went to the ER for my asthma (damn, seasonal changes), and the nurse asked me what type of diet I was on. I replied, "It is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change."She gave me the only strange look and selected anything "low-fat"diet.

But, why is this not a diet? People cheat on diets. With a lifestyle, you have found ways to adjust your mind to incorporate these foods without feeling the massive level of guilt. People who go on diets tend to limit things like bread for a certain time period, but with a lifestyle you learn how to have it, but not as often as you usually consumed it before.

Diets tend to have start dates (usually Mondays), and run until Fridays. This is the biggest issue for most "dieters". With a healthy living lifestyle change, there are no start dates, you have no days off, and there are no end dates. You have realized this is something that is going to be forever - if that is what you choose.

People go on diets for reasons:
1. Weddings
2. Summertime
3. To fit a specific outfit
4. To find love
5. Class reunions
6. Family reunions

The list could go on forever; however, with a lifestyle change, the only thing that matters is - getting healthier. When I decided 7 months ago to make this change, my only objective was to be a better me. I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing this obese person who was living unhealthy. It literally was the best decision I've made in my life to date, and I have had Chinese food, McDonalds, hamburgers, and bread, but it is how I incorporate these foods into my lifestyle that has allowed me to be successful to date. Yes, I have lost over 60 pounds, and I am proud to say that I DID NOT DO IT ON A DIET!!!!

Healthy is the NEW Wave!

So, it seems everyone is excited and motivated about being healthy. Today, I was stopped by one of my students who indicated I motivated her to want to be healthier. She first thought my intentions were to be skinny, but as I clearly indicated I am not 100% focused on the number on the scale or my clothing size, but I am focused on being able do things I was not able to do before. 

5 Things I can do now that I could not do before I got healthy:
1. Run up the subway stairs without getting winded or dizzy

2. Jog down the hall without having to stop after a few steps

3. Reduce the number of pain pills I take because I no longer experience back pain as often as before

4. Make a healthy dinner under 30 minutes (this week I am sharing recipes)

5. Work out and push myself to the limits - 40 minutes

These are small accomplishments, but they are accomplishments nevertheless. What are you able to do since you became a healthier person? Share your stories! 

 TW aka Plus Size Health Nut