Friday, July 5, 2013

***Healthy Tip*** Dealing with Judgment

As you transition through this new journey be prepared for the negativity and judgment. People have opinions just like they have assholes, and the objective is how to get over it, and not allow it to get to you. Changing your lifestyle will become the topic of many events, but you may not want to become the center of the event's topic.

I've dealt with all sorts of negativity -
"You don't need to lose weight - you were fine at 350 pounds."
"Why you trying to be skinny all of a sudden?"
"Big deal! You lost weight, that is nothing special."
Nobody likes negativity, but it comes with the journey. People will assume you are doing it for the wrong reasons because they are used to people talking about being healthy, but never do it the proper way. People will hurt your feelings on person, and some will not do it intentionally. Like I had someone say to me,
"I am really proud of you. You are doing great... You were so big before... Like real big."
I tell people all the time - leave me alone about my journey because when I was unhealthy you had something to say, and it was never positive. Now that I have overcome one of the hardest challenges in my life, I am still dealing with the negativity - Why? Like Rick Ross said, "You wasn't with me shooting in the gym..." therefore, why must you find a way to bring down my joy. Yes, I am excited and love that I am able to find the strength to do this every day - not some days, but every day. I wake up and consciencely make the best decisions and choices for myself and body. People think I am crazy when I wake up to make smoothies or prepare to work out - no I am not! I just have to make sure I remain consistent in all I do each day.

The other aspect of judgment I live with, are the comments of how small I should go. Yesterday my best friend's boyfriend kept going on and on about how small I should get. People do not realize, I am comfortable in my skin today; therefore, when I get to the weight where I can say, "Okay Tanisha, you are small enough," then I will stop. I do not want to ever be skinny. I am now in the 270s and I look to get down to like 210 pounds. I will be good if I can get to that target weight. He was suggesting that I should go as small as 185 pounds. No, I am fine - thank you. I tell people do not hassle me about where you want me to get down to. Again, when I was looking for support and wanting to go to the gym, very few people were in my corner, so leave me in the corner of SUCCESS by myself.

I never expected so much negativity in my life during this journey, but I guess it was only expected. People look at me as if I am crazy or looking to be someone I am not - no. The only thing I want to be is healthy. I am growing my skin and becoming tougher as I deal with society and their cruel ways. I cannot allow anyone to hold me back or make me lose focus. Not going to happen today or tomorrow.

Enjoy your day loves!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut