Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Milestone Reached -80 OFF!!!!

So, today I reached a milestone – I am officially 80 pounds down.  Am I excited? Yes! I am actually proud of myself because I never thought I would be able to successfully accomplish such a huge task.

 When I think back to the night of October 15, 2012, I had no plan as to how I was going to lose the weight. I knew I needed to lose weight and get on track. It never occurred to me that I would get close to 400 pounds, and even as my clothes got tighter, and it became necessary to wear my girdle every day to make my clothes look half decent, I was still in denial. Yesterday I was looking at a picture of myself back in August 2012. I thought I was hot stuff. My girdle and Squeem made my clothes look good on me – I felt good in my clothes because I had become accustomed to me being that big.

So, the reality was I knew I was massively overweight. Yes, I knew carrying around the weight was unhealthy. I knew my weight had some impact on most of my pain episodes. I was aware my weight might have had some impact on my miscarriage. It was clear, but I never stopped. My late night trips to McDonald’s were frequent – the drive thru was my best friend. I loved eating Chinese food, and making sure I had enough food to last an entire day because I had no intentions of leaving my house. Being overweight and unhealthy was clear in my face, but I was not ready, and that is the critical aspect for anyone in my old situation.

Seeing that I can find easy ways to live healthy and happy has allowed me the opportunity to continue this awesome journey. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t feed sluggish, but I do look forward to what I will face that day. People constantly refer to my lifestyle as a diet, but I remind them how it is far from a diet. This is the way I plan and choose to live for the rest of my life. I love how I know my body now. I can tell when I have eaten too much. I can decipher when I need a detox. I know when I have “gained” a few pounds. I am so mindful of things that I never paid any attention to before.

This morning I spoke to my Mom, and she asked me if I ever imagined my life would be what it has become, and before she could finish, I said, “No.” I am honest. Usually after a few months, I get tired and give up. My pattern was 2-3 months of success, but then I stop. I allow the few compliments to get to my head and lose all motivation. The temptation of fast food and the snacks I adore took control of my mind, and I would say it will not hurt me. My life was a train wreck, but I am happy that I did not destroy myself. I am happy I did not push myself to the point where I lost control and diabetes or high blood pressure took over. Although I know my family traits, I was stubborn and was NEVER READY. Well, I was ready October 15, 2012, when the scale read OVER THE LIMIT… That was my breaking point, and here I am 9 months later – 80 pounds down… So from 350 pounds to 270, and I am just 20 pounds from the first 100 off

Will you join me on this journey?
I’ve lost 22.86% of my body

weight = 80 pounds off

I am now… 43.6 (OBESE)




Friday, July 5, 2013

***Healthy Tip*** Dealing with Judgment

As you transition through this new journey be prepared for the negativity and judgment. People have opinions just like they have assholes, and the objective is how to get over it, and not allow it to get to you. Changing your lifestyle will become the topic of many events, but you may not want to become the center of the event's topic.

I've dealt with all sorts of negativity -
"You don't need to lose weight - you were fine at 350 pounds."
"Why you trying to be skinny all of a sudden?"
"Big deal! You lost weight, that is nothing special."
Nobody likes negativity, but it comes with the journey. People will assume you are doing it for the wrong reasons because they are used to people talking about being healthy, but never do it the proper way. People will hurt your feelings on person, and some will not do it intentionally. Like I had someone say to me,
"I am really proud of you. You are doing great... You were so big before... Like real big."
I tell people all the time - leave me alone about my journey because when I was unhealthy you had something to say, and it was never positive. Now that I have overcome one of the hardest challenges in my life, I am still dealing with the negativity - Why? Like Rick Ross said, "You wasn't with me shooting in the gym..." therefore, why must you find a way to bring down my joy. Yes, I am excited and love that I am able to find the strength to do this every day - not some days, but every day. I wake up and consciencely make the best decisions and choices for myself and body. People think I am crazy when I wake up to make smoothies or prepare to work out - no I am not! I just have to make sure I remain consistent in all I do each day.

The other aspect of judgment I live with, are the comments of how small I should go. Yesterday my best friend's boyfriend kept going on and on about how small I should get. People do not realize, I am comfortable in my skin today; therefore, when I get to the weight where I can say, "Okay Tanisha, you are small enough," then I will stop. I do not want to ever be skinny. I am now in the 270s and I look to get down to like 210 pounds. I will be good if I can get to that target weight. He was suggesting that I should go as small as 185 pounds. No, I am fine - thank you. I tell people do not hassle me about where you want me to get down to. Again, when I was looking for support and wanting to go to the gym, very few people were in my corner, so leave me in the corner of SUCCESS by myself.

I never expected so much negativity in my life during this journey, but I guess it was only expected. People look at me as if I am crazy or looking to be someone I am not - no. The only thing I want to be is healthy. I am growing my skin and becoming tougher as I deal with society and their cruel ways. I cannot allow anyone to hold me back or make me lose focus. Not going to happen today or tomorrow.

Enjoy your day loves!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FEATURE: Ruben Studdard Weight Loss Journey

Today it was reported that American  Idol's winner, Ruben Studdard, was going to compete in the biggest loser. The story was featured in US Weekly (click link).

The one thing he indicated that I really want to applaud him is when he stated, "I never want to try to be a spokesperson for health and wellness because I most definitely am not the most in shape person in the world." This is very critical for many celebrities. They lose the weight for the wrong reasons. The dedication must come within, not financial benefits. Despite the fact many celebrities have lost a large amount of weight through their sponsorships, the reality is, this is a struggle for many people. We fight to overcome this battle - this is one of the hardest things for people to understand.

Hopefully, this challenge will lead him to much success because as we know Hollywood is not friendly to overweight, talented individuals. Ruben Studdard is an amazing artist, and it is sad that his weight has to be an issue. But, he stated the weight came back on after he lost 70 pounds in 2006, after he battled emotional/stress eating after his divorce. Good healthy living programs should help you to understand how to mentally overcome the challenges of life as you explore this healthy lifestyle. Yes, it is difficult, but when life is throwing you lemons, pick them up and put them in your bottled water. Make the best of each situation, and try not to let it overcome your life.

I look forward to seeing Ruben on Biggest Loser, and will send him many prayers as he explores this journey. It is not easy - far from it, but I believe that if he wants it as he indicates, he will be successful.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

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OH NO!!! I cheated!

This past weekend was pretty cool. My ladies of Success Weight showed up for a wonderful meeting on Sunday. I enjoyed time with my beautiful niece, and I hung out with one of my cousins. My cousin and I went to dinner, but had salads (healthy!!!) I did have one frozen margarita - hey, I cannot go to this place, and not have one of their drinks. She had two, but I am not judging her lol.

So, I went to drop her off - she lives in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Yes, the home of the Cyclone! To my surprise, when I went to drop her off, I found parking; this is a big deal! We decided to walk on the Broadwalk and just enjoy the breeze. One thing I love about Coney Island in the summertime is you get to walk by the water. So, I had no intentions of getting anything until I saw the sign. "FUNNEL CAKE $6" I literally screamed and ran to the booth. I have not had a funnel cake in YEARS - I am very serious.

So, yes I had funnel cake, and it was DELICIOUS! But, I also knew my limits. Many times when people cheat, they cheat BIG. Cheating just means allowing your body to experience something that you would normally have everyday or frequently, and just satisfying the craving. Cheating should not be looked down upon nor should you feel like you cannot treat yourself to something. We need to allow artificial sugar into our system occasionally, but you do not need it often.

So how do you cheat?

1. Plan for your cheat meal - cheating should not be too random.Yes, sometimes you will see something on sale that you used to love, and just find the craving to have it. Otherwise, try to just plan that girls' night out or the trip to the amusement park with the kids. This way, you should eat clean before and after this cheat meal (as I call it).

2. Know your limits - Overindulging into your cheat could sabotage your entire calorie intake for the day. Sometimes, our bodies just need to know the bad foods exist, and you can just taste or nibble on a piece of whatever it is you are craving or want. Eat slowly not only to savor the moment, but to listen to your body - your stomach will indicate when enough is enough. Remember, you may experience some side effects if you have not had any "bad foods" in a while.

3. Share with somebody - The best way to avoid over-indulging is to share. I shared my funnel cake with my cousin. I literally ate about 7 pieces of the cake, and she ate the rest. This was best for me because I did not waste my $6, and I did not eat the entire cake by myself. Sharing desserts is the best way to get your mouth wet, but to also save money.

4. Know you deserve a treat - Being healthy has nothing to do with being clean 100%. It means you want to eat clean and exercise, but you want to enjoy and love the life you live. When you go months without the processed foods and drinks, sometimes you need to say to yourself, "Hey, I deserve a little treat." Being healthy means you have a full understanding of how to relate to food, but do it in a way that you do not feel restricted like diets want you to feel. Food is food, but the point is to get the mentality of a healthy person everyday.

So are you planning your next cheat meal? Make it a good one!!!