Friday, June 14, 2013

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why are you "The Plus Size Health Nut"

PLUS SIZE HEALTH NUT - that is what I deem myself. I was asked why recently, and the answer is simple - regardless of what, I never want to be skinny. I will always be "thick, plus size, or hefty" and that is by choice. People think being healthy means you are looking to lose tons of weight, but the reality is NO!

Yes, in October 2012, I was on the journey to lose weight. The day I found out I was over 350 pounds, I was on a mission to lose 100 pounds. This is still my mission, but the reality is, I need to lose the excess weight, get down to a healthier weight, and continue to live healthy. My lowest adult weight has been 240, and I want to get down to 210 or 200 - nothing further than that.


I LOVE MY CURVES! I love my body, and as I eat right and work out, I am shaping it to look like what I want it to look like. See I am pear shaped - smaller top and heavy bottom. I used to have a wide, but flat butt; however, now my butt is definitely shaping up *wink* and I am happy about that. My waist is smaller, and as I continue to work out, I am developing myself into what I want to look - A GREAT PLUS SIZE DIVA!

Today, I had an encounter with a citizen of NYC on the subway. I went to sit down, and this slim, young lady said, "Why her fat ass had to sit next to me?" I looked over at the young lady and shook my head because had I been the old me, I would have cursed her out. Yes, it did bother me, but then I saw she was enjoying a butter bagel, and I said to her, "I may be thick, but I bet I am healthier than you." See people dwell on the weight and pounds, and do not realize that has nothing to do with your health. Society has painted this picture of health = skinny, and it does not. But, it made me realize that regardless of what, I have to keep the positive mindset because people will never understand the difference.

I was also asked, "Have you ever wanted to be skinny?" I can quickly answer - NO. I admired people like the singers, Aaliyah and Chili (from TLC), but I never wanted their bodies. During my college years (16-20) I learned quickly that I was beautiful and had to know how to flaunt my body - regardless of my size. I know what is not appropriate, and I do believe in this, "Just because it is in your size, does not mean you should wear it." I get many compliments and half compliments from people. What is a half compliment? "You are so beautiful and dress so nice for a big girl." I used to get upset about this, but I realized earlier that I will always be thick or plus size.

My boyfriend loves me the way I am, and if he didn't - he would have to go. I have never really had an issue with men and my body. There are some who prefer plus size - awesome. To me, look at my all my characteristics and traits - do not dwell on my body size because it can quickly change. So, the Plus Size Health Nut has no issues with finding love - that has never been the problem.


So, being the Plus Size Health Nut just means I embrace my body and love who I am. I have no desire to lose too much weight unless it was medically related. But, I vow to treat my body and mind healthier than I ever have in the past. Loving who you are is critical. Just remember there is a thing called a healthier weight. Was I sexy at 350 pounds? Yes! I worked my sexy, but the real question is: was I healthy at 350 pounds? The answer was no. So, stop thinking about your friends, the person next to you, your spouse, or what society deems a healthy weight. Focus on who you are and what you are comfortable with overall. It makes your life so much easier in the long run.

Love you all,

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut