Monday, August 5, 2013


Greetings everyone. I know I have not been here for a few weeks - I do apologize... Business is definitely booming, and it is keeping me busy.

This weekend I had a lot of time to reflect on this journey, and I must admit: it feels great to help others. My mom keeps saying this may be my calling, but I am still shocked at my own progress and the progress of those who are around me. Two times my clients made me cry, and it is because they make me realize how inspirational I am... I never lost weight to influence others. When I started this journey, I was clueless to what the future held for me. I was looking forward to possibly losing 30-50 pounds and getting healthy. But, here I am 10 months later and I've lost 85 pounds. Despite all the negative comments from people, I know I have truly overcome a serious hurdle.

Where does this leave me? Well, my focus is to help as many people as possible. Reach communities to help others in identifying their inner strength to overcome obesity and fight against diabetes. Life is short, and we do not have to live an unhealthy life...

So, as I see 100 pounds in my near future, I am just hoping I can reach and touch more people. Reach individuals near and far, and help them believe in themselves because if I am able to lose the weight, anyone can!

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Thank you in advance.

Successfully Yours,
Tanisha aka Plus Size Health Nut