Wednesday, June 26, 2013

***QUESTION OF THE DAY*** Are you happy you did not get WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY?

Yes, every time I reflect back to my journey towards weight loss surgery, I am happy that I did not go that route. I attempted not once, but two times at getting surgery - Lap Band and The Sleeve. The surgeon was very nice, but he indicated the best results for me was to just become healthy. In my early 20s I was dying to just get the weight off - I was looking for the quick, fast results. I ended up getting denied because I was classified as being healthy, just overweight.

What does that mean?
This indicated that I was just overweight and was not at a high risk of needing the surgery immediately. Patients like individuals with high blood pressure and diabetes are cleared as high risk because losing the weight could assist and aid their illnesses. Of course I was angry at the insurance company and my job because they would technically did not allow me to get the surgery. The company I worked for, indicated they would not cover the surgery at all, and when the doctor appealed, this is when the insurance company indicated - I was basically healthy. My solution? He told me to just go on a diet and exercise - the weight would come off. I cried, became angry, and ate myself into a deeper obesity problem...

Do you wish you had the surgery now looking back?
Now that I have tackled this, I know for a fact the surgery was not for me. It is difficult for people to understand the concept of losing gradually. I know people who are only 200 pounds with no real medical issues and are being approved for weight loss surgery. This bothers me because there are too many risk when going in for weight loss surgery. I know someone who lost a close friend because of complications experiences post the surgery. This person ended up with blood poisoning. I know another person who had a bad reaction to anesthesia, and never woke up post surgery. These are real people, but we never heard about them in the news or the health journals, but there are so many risk.

Besides the risks, I look at some people who have had the surgery, and depending on how big they were, they were in need of additional surgery, but most insurances will not cover it because it is considered cosmetic surgery - yes, I am referring to the removal of excess skin. I look at my body now and am so proud to see my body is conforming to what it should look like. I remember when I did the shake diet, and I lost the weight so fast, that my skin started to sag - not sexy.

People who get the surgery, I applaud them for wanting to take a step in the right direction. They want to get the pounds off. I understand some people just need the extra help to lose weight because some are unable to walk or function without help. But, personally, I am happy I found the right surgeon who did not push the issue of me becoming one of his patients. He provided a lot of advise, and I thank him for that indirect motivation. It was meant for me to experience the old life and for me to transition to this new lifestyle because when I speak, it comes from firsthand experience.

So, my recommendation: do what is best for you. If you are sure you cannot push past the challenges and you are in need to get healthy because of major medical issues, then do it! Find a surgeon who cares about you, not the money. Some doctors will do surgery on people who technically do not need it; however, there are some who will not touch you because they know deep inside it is unethical because you really do not need it. Choose your battles wisely. Dr. Jacobs - thank you, and thank you to myself for living the unhealthy life, but transitioning into the healthy side... If I can do it, you can too.

Find your motivation!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

***QUESTION OF THE DAY*** How do you deal with the change?

I am constantly asked various questions, and one that stood out was: How do you deal with the change?

Well, to be honest it is still strange for me. When I look at my body and analyze my habits, I realize how much I have changed. I try to remain humble about the change in lifestyle because I know how easy it is to revert back to the old habits. So, I embrace the change and take it one day at a time.

Living this new way has also made me reflect on the past - why did I do it before? I tend to ask myself that question numerous times especially when I speak to people about the various methods I attempted. Looking at the amount of money I wasted (and my mom's money) on diet plan and gimmicks left and right that it makes me sick at times. But, the reality is - it is what it is and I've changed now.

The one thing that has amazed me is how people around me has changed. Rather some, not all can be negative about my change. I hear comments like, "Oh, you will fail again..." "You sure you didn't get the surgery? Nobody loses weight that fast..." There will always be negativity towards one's change, but you have to remain focused on what you want. Many times we dwell on the comments of others around us, and we do not realize the change was done for us, not for the people around us.

So, as I continue to change, I feel a level of accomplishment. This past weekend I was able to go to Old Navy and I brought a few dresses - size XL. That is huge! I have not been able to get an XL dress ever. This is not the XL for Women's Plus Size, this was the regular plus. So, when you see your body changing and you realize how you are changing - it makes you feel great and each day you make an effort to change your lifestyle, you should be proud of yourself for all you have successfully done.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Monday, June 24, 2013

***QUESTION OF THE DAY*** What is negative calories?


I missed everyone... Hope you all had a great weekend - I did.

So, today I was asked a serious question - is there a such thing as negative calories? First, what is a negative calorie?

Negative calories are foods that "refers to food that takes more calories to process than it delivers," according to Hartley (2009). People confuse this with the fact many dietitans and programs like Weight Watchers hint that certain foods can be eaten without limitations because they carry no calories, but the reality is they do have calories.

What are examples of "negative calories" foods? Some examples are: spinach, lettuce, celery, cucumbers, and onions. Basically any food that is based with water is why people consider it free or negative calories.

Are fruits considered "negative calories" too?
Yes, but  technically fruits are higher in calories than most vegetables because of the natural sugar. Fruits like grapefruit is on the list of "negative calories" because it provides great benefits and aids weight loss, but the reality is: a grapefruit contains over 70 calories. Most "negative calorie" fruits are high in fiber - which is a great benefit, but be careful because they can be high in sugar. This is why eating only fruit could actually hinder your overall health because it is increasing the amount of sugar in your system.

"Negative calorie" foods will make me lose weight? 
As always a healthy combination of all types of foods are necessary for long term weight loss. Eating only "negative calorie" foods will eliminate the intake of all the other nutrients one needs: protein, calicum, vitamin B, C, and everything else. We need a combination of foods to ensure we are healthy overall. Do not fall into the trap of believing there are really "negative calorie" foods which will magically make you lose weight. This may help for short term, but you need to realize there is more to losing weight and being healthy overall.
TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Hartley, W. (2009). The Negative Calories Myth Explained. Retrieved from:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

***NEWS*** Starbucks to post calories in ALL stores... Will it change anything?

So, this morning as I got ready for work I heard on the news how Starbucks was going to post the calories for all their drinks/meals in all of their stores. NYC has been posted since 2008, the report highlighted. So, will this change what people order?

I am a frequent Starbucks' visitor (been a Gold card holder for years now), and when I see some of the calories for these beverages it literally makes me sick to my stomach. Now, did I always feel this way even before I changed my mindset about life? Yes! Imagine going in to see a large (venti) frapp has over 600 calories for one drink? I am sorry, but that really does make me want to think twice, but that does not go for everyone.

Since NYC is one of the leaders in getting people healthy (Thank you Mayor Bloomberg), you would think more people would be conscience of what they take in since our fast food restaurants all have the calorie counts available, but it does not change people minds. For example, reports show that more than 550 million Big Macs are sold each year  in America, and a Big Mac has over 550 calories per sandwich, not the meal.

So, what can happen to change the unhealthy lives of Americans?

At the end of the day, it has to be a personal choice. McDonald's and Starbucks are in to make money, and as long as people continue to purchase high calorie beverages or meals, they are going to continue selling them. Living healthy is a personal choice, and no mayor or government can stop what one eats, but as a person you have to analyze what you take in.

People criticize Mayor Bloomberg for trying to force a healthier city, but what is wrong with that? I am against banning things such as large beverages because to me - if you ban a large cup, then people are going to buy 2 mediums - you cannot ban or limit how much one purchases. But, I do believe educating people on how to make healthier choices would be more successful. Look at cigarette commercials - they show people with missing limbs - why couldn't we do that? Why not show how 5 pounds of fat really look, and how many calories equals 5 pounds - that could be drastic, but for some people it could work. We are a society that rely on scare tactics. Encouraging healthier choices, hosting workshops/seminars on healthy living, or hosting campaigns could allow people to want to make these better choices.

Most people do not read nutritional facts on their packages and many people ignore the calories listed next to the Whopper or Venti Latte with extra Whip Cream; therefore, what do you expect people to do? How can you expect anyone to just want to be healthy? You cannot - they have to want to do it for themselves. We all need that wake up call, and I pray it is not a heart attack or stroke for my fellow Americans. Take better care of yourself, and remember you deserve to be happy and healthy.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Monday, June 17, 2013

***Healthy Tip*** Healthy is NOT a Gimmick

So, one of Success Weight's mottos are: No Gimmicks!

What is a gimmick? The promises of fast, quick, easy results. Things such as products and services which are supposed to help you lose weight. But, it says nothing about being healthy.

Every year something comes out by some Doctor or Company promising us the key to losing weight and some even go as far as saying, "...and keep it off..." Now, are there products which can help you do this? Yes. Are they all safe? No. Will everyone keep it off? No. Do we know this, but still buy it? Yes. Are these people rich? YES!!!

So the new recent "gimmick" is the body wrap. I've heard people rave about this especially since everyone is looking to get rid of the tummy fat for the beach season - fine, I understand. So, this body wrap is not new - I've had a series back in 2009. I found an ad in amNewYork (I used to read this a lot lol), but I went and they put this cream on, wrap me in saran wrap, and put me in this foil wrap (extra heat) for I think 30 minutes. I sweat. I did 3 - once a week. I didn't see any major results after 3, rather I did not see any results. But, I did spend $25 for the first wrap, and I think $40 for the last two.

So, present day - my coworkers and students come to me about this wrap. How I need to lose it. I had one say, "Please, you're wasting your time with that drinking water and eating good stuff. I eat how I want and when I want. I just put the wrap on, and I am burning fat and eating what I want." See this is why I hate gimmicks because it sends the wrong message. I know someone else who was dedicated to going to the gym and eating well, but once she got hooked on the wraps that changed. Gimmicks cannot promise you long term results.

Gimmicks are promises to sell something. In this society it is so easy though. See programs like Success Weight has a lot of competition because we are based on, not quick and easy, but gradual and long term results. People are not sure which they want. They want the long term results, but they want it now. See gimmicks may give you now or right now, but at what expense to the user? Diet pills can kill you. Wraps, if not used properly, could cause issues too. You have to educate yourself in knowing - YOU DID NOT PUT THE WEIGHT ON OVERNIGHT; IT WILL NOT COME OFF OVERNIGHT! Keep this in mind as you explore a healthy lifestyle.

Wanting to change your lifestyle means doing it in a way that will not prohibit your life in any other way. You have to eventually realize the gimmicks do not work. Every time I think back to all the gimmicks I fell into, I think about what I put my body through, and how much money I spent which was useless. The market of weight loss gimmicks is high, and trust I understand their perception - it is easy to sell the quick, fast idea - why not? Nobody is looking into long term or gradual results. No! You have people  going broke to pay for products that are not really good for them, but the idea of losing weight this fast is all they focus on. Trust, I was there. I broke the special shakes so I could lose up to 21 pounds in 4 weeks - boy, I had it figured out... I spent money on the special cream that melts the fat off. I did it all and more.

Bottomline - healthy living has no gimmicks attached. Either you want it or you don't. We cannot promise 20 pounds in 2 days, and we won't. We don't want you dwelling on when you want to lose it by. Just focus on you actually doing it, and how you are going to keep it off. This is a challenge, but if you are ready then you will do what you have to do.

Good luck! Remember, stop falling into the gimmick track. Focus on the big picture.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Healthy Tip: Stay Motivated

Being healthy is one of the most difficult things for people. We look for ways to improve our lives, but at the end of the day, we do not have the motivation to stay consistent with it. I've been asked many times, "How are you so successful at this?" Simple answer, "I know where I was at before, and refuse to revert back to that life."

When you realize how much you can do, the only thing you do is continue. You find ways to motivate yourself because you should have a goal. Going into a serious journey with no plan could lead to failure, but some people as they progress through the process, they find that one thing they need in order to keep them pushing pass the negative or temptation.

Losing weight was not just a goal, but it was a requirement. As I stated in other posts, I have no desire to ever be skinny, but I have the need to want to be healthy. But, the end result is: be healthy. I have people to attempt to get me to lose focus, but I remind myself of all I have overcome, and the one slip up could hinder my success. I have a plan and I stick to it. If I bring lunch to work - I eat it. If I say I am going to work out - I do it. I remain consistent and try very hard to not make excuses.

Find your motivation. Sometimes you need support, and through this journey, you definitely need support. People who understand what you want and can offer you the assistance you need will be there for you, but you have to want their support. Imagine trying to provide motivation to someone, and you are constantly talking to them, but they are not doing or listening to what you say. So, if you have that external, positive motivation, then utilize them. Keep them in your ear because most times, they have been in your shoes one way or another.

Continue to strive for that healthy lifestyle. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. If you are in need of a coach, visit:, or "Like" SuccessWeightProgram on FB.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Friday, June 14, 2013

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why are you "The Plus Size Health Nut"

PLUS SIZE HEALTH NUT - that is what I deem myself. I was asked why recently, and the answer is simple - regardless of what, I never want to be skinny. I will always be "thick, plus size, or hefty" and that is by choice. People think being healthy means you are looking to lose tons of weight, but the reality is NO!

Yes, in October 2012, I was on the journey to lose weight. The day I found out I was over 350 pounds, I was on a mission to lose 100 pounds. This is still my mission, but the reality is, I need to lose the excess weight, get down to a healthier weight, and continue to live healthy. My lowest adult weight has been 240, and I want to get down to 210 or 200 - nothing further than that.


I LOVE MY CURVES! I love my body, and as I eat right and work out, I am shaping it to look like what I want it to look like. See I am pear shaped - smaller top and heavy bottom. I used to have a wide, but flat butt; however, now my butt is definitely shaping up *wink* and I am happy about that. My waist is smaller, and as I continue to work out, I am developing myself into what I want to look - A GREAT PLUS SIZE DIVA!

Today, I had an encounter with a citizen of NYC on the subway. I went to sit down, and this slim, young lady said, "Why her fat ass had to sit next to me?" I looked over at the young lady and shook my head because had I been the old me, I would have cursed her out. Yes, it did bother me, but then I saw she was enjoying a butter bagel, and I said to her, "I may be thick, but I bet I am healthier than you." See people dwell on the weight and pounds, and do not realize that has nothing to do with your health. Society has painted this picture of health = skinny, and it does not. But, it made me realize that regardless of what, I have to keep the positive mindset because people will never understand the difference.

I was also asked, "Have you ever wanted to be skinny?" I can quickly answer - NO. I admired people like the singers, Aaliyah and Chili (from TLC), but I never wanted their bodies. During my college years (16-20) I learned quickly that I was beautiful and had to know how to flaunt my body - regardless of my size. I know what is not appropriate, and I do believe in this, "Just because it is in your size, does not mean you should wear it." I get many compliments and half compliments from people. What is a half compliment? "You are so beautiful and dress so nice for a big girl." I used to get upset about this, but I realized earlier that I will always be thick or plus size.

My boyfriend loves me the way I am, and if he didn't - he would have to go. I have never really had an issue with men and my body. There are some who prefer plus size - awesome. To me, look at my all my characteristics and traits - do not dwell on my body size because it can quickly change. So, the Plus Size Health Nut has no issues with finding love - that has never been the problem.


So, being the Plus Size Health Nut just means I embrace my body and love who I am. I have no desire to lose too much weight unless it was medically related. But, I vow to treat my body and mind healthier than I ever have in the past. Loving who you are is critical. Just remember there is a thing called a healthier weight. Was I sexy at 350 pounds? Yes! I worked my sexy, but the real question is: was I healthy at 350 pounds? The answer was no. So, stop thinking about your friends, the person next to you, your spouse, or what society deems a healthy weight. Focus on who you are and what you are comfortable with overall. It makes your life so much easier in the long run.

Love you all,

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

***GOOD DEED*** Do homeless people eat healthy? One did today...

This morning I left my vegetables at home, and only had my chicken for lunch. A few blocks from my job is a Key Food, and I took the walk there so I can get a bag of vegetables to go with my chicken for lunch - no opportunity to cheat here. But, on my way I walked past a homeless man. He asked for money or food, and I did not respond - I kept on walking.

While in the supermarket, I searched for what I needed - vegetables. As I was walking back to the register, I saw bags of vegetable chips on sale - 10/$10 = $1 bag. I did a double take, and reached for a bag, but then the homeless man came to mind, so I picked up 2 bags. At first, I laughed because I said, "Will this homeless man eat these?" But, my logic was, how can I live healthy, "preach" about being healthy, but buy the homeless man something unhealthy? So, I got the veggie chips.

Walking back to my job, I saw the man was still there, so I stopped and gave him the bag of chips. He said, "Oh thank you so much. I really appreciated it." I just smiled and walked away. I only got a few feet away and heard the bag open. I smiled inside because I realized most people would either walk by like I did and never think again for various reasons, or give him something like candy or a greasy burger (he was sitting in front of Five Guys).

I realized that in order for me to truly believe in healthy, I have to live it every day. The super markets and stores make it 100% easy to overlook the healthy. They find ways to allow us to eat unhealthy because it is there. Therefore, when we see someone in need, our 6th sense tells us to give them something unhealthy too.

I did not stand there and record the man eating the bag, but I felt good doing something, and applying my lifestyle to another person. I've seen people ask for something (not just homeless people), but when it is vegetables or fruit, they frown their faces like you gave them dog crap.

Next time you see someone in need, try to offer them something healthy and see how they react. Actually, it does not matter how they respond - just know you did a good deed.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Diabetes: Deaths Rising

In today's newspapers, everyone is discussing diabetes and how it is impacting our communities. I live in NYC, and based on amNewYork's article, my old neighborhood, Bedford-Stuyvesant, is amongst the highest deaths due to diabetes - 137 per 100,000 people. This is not surprising, but it does make one wonder why?

Diabetes is a disease which is rapidly taking the lives of many of our loved ones. This was one of my main concerns about my own health because my background consists of diabetics - grandmother, mother, aunts, and cousins - this is within my blood line. I heard of how my grandmother suffered, and I watch my aunts and mother take insulin daily, so it was a motivator for me to change my lifestyle.

In the article, local officials indicated they are not surprised about the numbers because of the social environment people live in. Living a healthy lifestyle requires knowledge, and for some reason, the knowledge is not coming quick enough. People are not properly utilizing their EBT (food stamps), and everyone things the best way to be healthy, is by only eating organic. This has to stop! There is no reason why people are not seeking to find healthier alternatives to avoid living with this disease. Chips, cookies, and huge sodas are cheap and easy to purchase, but you can easily eat healthy on a budget.

I would love to host a workshop in these neighborhoods and work with organizations to educate people on how to eat healthy, love it, and not break the bank. I shop healthier, and do not overspend. I do not buy organic. There are ways to help yourself when the system will not help you. I do not want to live with diabetes, and we need to stop now. These numbers are outrageous! Brownsville, Brooklyn -177... Hunts Point,  Bronx - 117... Bushwick, Brooklyn - 126, but when you look at other neighborhoods within NYC you see lower numbers: Murray Hill, Manhattan - 19... Borough Park, Brooklyn, 35... Upper West Side, Manhattan - 41... So, if in one city, half of the neighborhoods are suffering from this disease, but just a few miles away, others are not, then we have an issue!

Today, I vow to make sure Success Weight continue to do their part in NYC and nationwide to help other people, who are serious in making this change. Diabetes is not something we should have to live with, and if you are living with it, there are ways to help yourself...

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Monday, June 10, 2013

Jumpstart the Week

Good morning everyone!

It is Monday, and this weekend I had a really good time with family and friends. Saturday, I had a small gathering - I cooked, both good and bad foods. We had burgers (turkey and beef), hot dogs (for my niece of course), grilled chicken, chicken/vegetable kabobs, mac salad, and garden salad. It was nice, but I ate too much. So, when I know I had a hefty weekend, I tend to jumpstart my week with a 3 day smoothie detox.

The detox includes me drinking 2 smoothies a day for three days. I tend to do it for breakfast and dinner. My lunch has to be a healthy meal. This is something you can do to jumpstart your healthy living lifestyle, but it should not be something you do for a long term. It is good to clean your system out, and smoothies are great. As I have mentioned before, I am working on an e-book on smoothies, and this is just a snippet of what it discusses.

When you want to do a detox, you will need the following ingredients:
  • spinach - full of fiber
  • fresh fruit
  • whey protein powder
  • psyllium husk - digestive system, fiber
So, in the future when you know you will have a heavy weekend, plan to do a detox the following week for 2-3 days, and stick to it. You want to get the digestive system jumpstarted, and this is a great way to do so.

Also, remember drink a lot of water. You do not want to get constipated especially with all the fiber you will take in. Hope this helps others as it always helps me.
TW aka Plus Size Health Nut


Friday, June 7, 2013

Journey Achievement

Ladies and gentlemen... I am excited! Today, rather tonight I will be a guest on an Internet Radio show to discuss my success, my blog, and my company, Success Weight. I am truly honored to discuss my healthy lifestyle with anyone, and honored that The Lone Blogger would like to speak with me. 

When I started this process, I never anticipated on being as successful as I have gotten. It is difficult on many levels, but as I continue to go through the process, I realize how blessed and even proud of myself. Many times I do not give myself enough credit for the fact that I have faced my biggest and longest challenge ever. I used to dwell on why I didn't lose a certain number in a month or why I didn't get to the next size jeans quick enough. Dwelling on what you have not done yet is living an unhealthy life because you are not giving yourself the credit of what you have accomplished tonight - it just really hit me. 

Now, as I reflect and prepare for this interview, I am nervous. I want to say the right thing, but the end result is, I want to share my story to continue inspiring someone else. Loving others is very critical, but helping someone to love themselves brings greater joy. Since I started my career in education, I've realized just how many people's lives I've impacted. Now, I am impacting and inspiring so many more lives - a bitter sweet feeling. Nothing gives me more joy.

To listen to me tonight, June 7, at 6:30pm you can click here ---> The Lone Blogger Online Radio. 

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut 

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Midweek Blues

Yesterday was very stressful. I had issues at work, with friends, and I felt my time of the month coming - forget Monday Blues, let's talk about Midweek Blues.

Despite how focused and driven you are, there will be days where everything seems to hold you back or throw you off track. Some people say, "Life is not that bad," according to who? Life is nothing but challenges, but it cannot knock you down. The ironic part was, yesterday morning while brushing my teeth, I said my prayer; asked God to give me strength for the day. Asked him to think and speak for me, but I realized that he sometimes makes us experience things to help us to become better people.

Now, I know this is typically about healthy living, but I realized this was significant too. I remembered the concepts and purpose of my healthy living program: become healthy on various levels - not just what you eat and do, but how you think, and the way you respond to everything. I've grown to realize over the last few months that it is just unhealthy to carry the weight of negative thoughts and energy. As humans we aim to please people - we want people to accept us for who we are, but the reality is, it will not always happen. People do not think the way you think - it is impossible.

My midweek blues consist of two years worth of frustration at work. I am an educator - love to teach, but when I go to the work in the morning I feel drained. Again, I had a lot going on, especially dealing with the upcoming women's issue, so that could simply be it. But, as my mentor and supervisor reminds me constantly, "You cannot change people and their actions... You cannot let what they do [don't do] or say to get to you..." Taking this piece of knowledge, I've realized I had to keep the little lady's words in the front (forget the back this week) of my mind because I saw myself losing the healthy focus.

Again, healthy is not just about what you eat and drink or how much you work out a week - it is also about how you view yourself and others. We want people to accept us; therefore, we have to accept them and their ways, and move forward. This concept is taught and passed onto Success Weight's members, and this is something we all need to accept in our lives to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck to you, and pray for FRIDAY to come ASAP.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turn the OLD into NEW

As you are going through this transitional period of your life, you are going to realize just how you are changing. For many people, eating healthy will lead to losing weight - great, some of us need that to jumpstart this lifestyle change. So, as you are slimming down, you begin to lose weight, and now your clothes become baggy and too big for you. Guess what? It can be frustrating, but it should be a rewarding feeling inside.

Now, nobody just woke up one day (unless you were in a coma) at the size you are today or was a few months ago. We buy new pants when the old ones become too small, but what do you do with those clothes? I hope you did not throw them away. I took my old jeans and pants that I could not fit because they were too small, and put them in a bin - I knew one day I was going to fit them again.

I've lost 70 pounds, and back when I started I was 350 pounds and a size 26 pants (depressing). But, I had clothes that were as small as 20/22 pants because I was once that size, and I kept those clothes. I even have pants with tags on them because I could not fit them before when I purchased them. GUESS WHAT? I have new clothes to fit and it does not cost me anything present day.

So before you go shopping do the following:
1. Try on all your old clothes. The size lower jeans you used to wear years ago, may fit today. You now have a "NEW" pair of jeans without purchasing any.

2. Get excited when you can fit into those old clothes. Take a picture and post it on Instagram or Facebook - share your good news.

3. Wear it like it is BRAND NEW. Feel confident in knowing that your body is transitioning in the right direction. Look

Losing weight is frustrating, but shouldn't be. Yes, I tried on shorts that I wore last summer, and they are too BIG. But, that is a great feeling because I knew how it felt to wear girdles during the summertime just to make the pants or my stomach look or appear smaller. But, I did find a pair of trouser shorts that are great for work that I purchased last year, but they were too small. Although they are a size 26, they fit nicely especially for the work environment. I have to try and get at least 2 wears out of them before they start to look like my scrubs - insanely too big. lol

Have fun with this process. Go shopping in your closet before you go spend money. You will be surprised at how much stuff you will have, and it will save you time and money at the mall.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is Success Weight?

So, after losing almost 70 pounds (to date), I was put into a unique situation - people were coming to me for advise on how to lose weight. But, during my various conversations, I realized I was not focusing on losing weight, but how to be healthy in my living decisions. People wanted my advice and support as they went through the journey, and the idea to start my own program blossomed quickly!

First, it started off as a Healthy Living Challenge at my job with the students. I had several students who were interested in gaining control of their lives, and saw me as I was transitioning; therefore, it worked together. I needed the constant motivation, and they needed guidance on how to live healthier. Once, this became a success, I thought to myself, "Could I do this on a larger scale?" The idea rapidly and quickly turned into one answer - YES!

So March 2013, I developed Success Weight; a healthy living program with the goal of assisting busy individuals as they seek to explore a healthy living journey. This program's main focus is to mentally prepare  clients for this new journey. It is not a weight loss program because it is designed to help you revamp your life, so after you lose the necessary weight you desire, you will know how to continue to maintain that weight loss. Assisting them in reprogramming their mindset as it relates to food and exercise. As members restructure their mindset, they begin to learn how to adjust their daily routines into a healthy one.

The program had it's meeting in May 2013, in Brooklyn, NY. That first meeting there were 4 individuals dedicated to changing their lives. They were tired of losing weight the wrong ways. They no longer wanted to take medication for various illnesses. They decided it was time to take control of their lives, so they could live longer and healthier lifestyles.

Success Weight is not for people seeking to lose weight for a specific event (wedding, reunion, graduation, dates, etc.) because once those events occur, most people revert back to their lifestyle. Success Weight is looking to help people look beyond those events, and just seek a life of healthy and happiness.
How can you join or learn more about Success Weight? Easy! Email Tanisha, Founder at to get additional information. By June/July 2013, Success Weight will be expanding to an online program to help and support individuals are able to attend meetings due to the schedule conflicts or location (outside of the NYC area). If you are interested in adopting the program for your local church or institution, this option is also available.

Success Weight seeks to help individuals find easy ways to adjust their lives to live a happy and healthy life - FOREVER! Visit

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TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Is money a great motivator?

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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - I did. :-)

So, I was reading on a blog about someone saying they would lose weight because of money. They asked would you do it? After much thinking during my train ride to work, I thought about it and said no. Why not?

1. When money is the motivator, you are pushing yourself to lose quickly. Let's say the grand prize is $1,000 to lose weight in a short time span. Now, most people who participate in these types are competitions are not based upon the total pounds lost, but the total percentage; therefore, depending on your starting weight, you may need to lose a lot of weight to compete amongst your peers.

2. Your mindset will not be dedicated to losing weight the right way. This is where people incorporate pills and crazy diets to push them to the edge.

3. You push yourself to the point where you may plateau sooner than later. Plateau is when your body stops allowing you to lose weight, and if you are losing too rapidly, you are prone to hit a standstill a lot quicker than if you lost is gradually.

4. You are most likely to revert back to your old ways within at least 6 months post-competition. We all know someone whose job had some form of competition for weight loss, and once the season was over, you see that same person, and they have gained the weight back.

Just think about it from this standpoint, when people are not aware of how to properly transition to a healthy lifestyle, once the have lost the weight, they do not know where to go. Would I join a competition for money, sure, but, I also have gained control of my life, so that money would literally go to just a new clothes. But, in the end, you should just want to gain a healthier YOU, and not dwell solely on the money aspect. Are you ready for a challenge? Success Weight is one of those options to live a healthier lifestyle.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut