Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real conversation: never forget where you once were

Someone asked me why do some now thin/healthy people forget where they were once overweight? You know these people did what they had to do to get healthy, so you look to them for guidance through your own journey.  But, when you speak to these people,  they act as if they never were once in your shoes. They scold you for making poor eating decisions,  and they scream at you because you can pass insanity's fitness test.
I told this person: some people alter their lives, and pretend they never lived that life or were always healthy.  This could be for many reasons,  but we have to take heed to those people's issues,  and say to yourself,  "I'm not going to forget the life I once lived."
Forgetting can make you revert to the days you act the way you used to. We need to remember the bad days in order to accept the good days ahead of you. Listening to those types of people should be encouraging because as you look for role models/mentors through this journey,  you will look for people you do not want to model after.
Live in the present,  appreciate the past, but look forward to the future.
Tw aka Plus Size Health Nut