Thursday, August 29, 2013


Good morning everyone!

So, I went to Miami for my birthday. It was great minus some mishaps. When I left, my only concern was: how can I avoid gaining weight? Well, to my surprise I only gained 7 pounds...

I did a lot of drinking - I am honest, but come on - it is MIAMI! There were drink specials and happy hours, and as the birthday girl, I enjoyed myself. I did make sure I drunk a lot of WATER with LEMON. Every time I had a drink, I would stop to drink 20 ounces of water afterwards - this helped a lot, but it was still difficult.

Now, eating was not too bad. The place we stayed, Metropole Hotel and Suites, had a kitchen fully equipped. I was going to bring my blender, but then I would have had to pay for my luggage. On the corner from the hotel was Walgreens, so my cousins and I went there, and I purchased oatmeal to eat in the mornings. Early in the morning, I made sure I had my oatmeal with water before anything else. It kept me full, but  I knew I had to stay on track. Now everyone I was with did not understand why I ate so often - I still tried to eat small meals and at there I had 4-5 meals. Sometimes I went alone to have a small breakfast at about 10am (I had the oatmeal at 7/8am) because I had to keep on track. Lunch/Dinner was the hardest for me because we ate unhealthy. Most times it was fried food or pizza (Clevelander had the best pizza). But, I accepted my flaws, and understood I was on vacation.

EXERCISING??? No, the hotel did not have a gym room - that sucked. Since we were in South Beach, we were in walking distance to many places and activities, so this helped with making sure I was active. On Tuesday we went to the pool at an associated hotel, and instead of taking the bus there, we walked there. We were on 6th Street, and the hotel was on 17th Street - nice walk there and back. In the pool, I did some leg exercises and ab workouts, and trust I felt it on Wednesday. So, although I did not get to do traditional exercises, I did manage to get some in while in Miami.

My accomplishments? I had fun. Yes, you want to live healthy and be healthy 365 days out the week, but the reality is, it is not always possible. You must know your limits, and not go overly crazy with the food. I could have had less drinks, but I knew the challenges that came with it, but I accepted it. I thought I was going to gain 10 pounds, so I was happy with 7 pounds. 

My game plan? Well, starting tonight I am detoxing. For lunch, I am going to get a nice healthy smoothie, and probably have another for dinner since I am working late today. I cannot get to the gym today, but will be there tomorrow with bells on. I cannot allow a couple of days in the sun to spoil my overall progress. I have accomplished too much to say hell with it. I am 15 pounds from the first 100 off, and definitely plan to get there by October. Yes, I can get there before that, but I am not rushing it. Slow and gradual wins the race.

I look forward to my next vacation, and hope to be a little bit more successful, but I think I did great nevertheless. Also, I am honest and true to my readers because I am far from perfect. I want you ladies and gents to understand, I make mistakes too. If I lied to you and said, "I ate healthy and drunk water the entire trip," I would be a fraud. Real people have real experiences, and need real insight - bottomline. So, I hope you can learn from my mistakes, or you can also realize how human you are, and embrace your challenges, but move forward from them with no regret. 

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TW aka Plus Size Health Nut