Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It is just a number

Dear Scale Watcher,

Waking up in the morning, you have to realize this is just another challenge you seek to overcome. Losing weight is not about just losing pounds on the scale; it is about becoming healthy. When we choose the half of plate of vegetables versus the half of plate of rice, you have just made a wise decision. So many people are afraid of failing because they are only looking at number on the scale - there is a larger picture in the dynamics. As you make the transition between your food intake, exercise output, and various other lifestyle changes, you will come to realize just how much you truly have accomplished a lot.

Growing up I constantly would get the strange stares from doctors. Here I was overweight, but my blood work indicated I was perfectly healthy. I always loved food - good and bad. I was able to eat an entire cucumber and head of lettuce, but I was also eating chips and cookies. So, was I unhealthy? Yes, based upon the number of the scale, but I had better blood work than a slim/average weight child - go figure!

So, I say this to say... Society has us constantly battling with our weight. There are people underweight who because of their genes or genetics who cannot gain weight, and because some people say they are too skinny, these same people begin to eat unhealthy; unfortunately, these people still do not gain weight, but have now developed other health factors.

Being comfortable in your body is important, and as you make small changes - you will see just how awesome you feel and your body was gradually make the adjustments right alongside of you!

Love you and love you first!

-TW aka Plus Size Health Nut