Wednesday, June 19, 2013

***NEWS*** Starbucks to post calories in ALL stores... Will it change anything?

So, this morning as I got ready for work I heard on the news how Starbucks was going to post the calories for all their drinks/meals in all of their stores. NYC has been posted since 2008, the report highlighted. So, will this change what people order?

I am a frequent Starbucks' visitor (been a Gold card holder for years now), and when I see some of the calories for these beverages it literally makes me sick to my stomach. Now, did I always feel this way even before I changed my mindset about life? Yes! Imagine going in to see a large (venti) frapp has over 600 calories for one drink? I am sorry, but that really does make me want to think twice, but that does not go for everyone.

Since NYC is one of the leaders in getting people healthy (Thank you Mayor Bloomberg), you would think more people would be conscience of what they take in since our fast food restaurants all have the calorie counts available, but it does not change people minds. For example, reports show that more than 550 million Big Macs are sold each year  in America, and a Big Mac has over 550 calories per sandwich, not the meal.

So, what can happen to change the unhealthy lives of Americans?

At the end of the day, it has to be a personal choice. McDonald's and Starbucks are in to make money, and as long as people continue to purchase high calorie beverages or meals, they are going to continue selling them. Living healthy is a personal choice, and no mayor or government can stop what one eats, but as a person you have to analyze what you take in.

People criticize Mayor Bloomberg for trying to force a healthier city, but what is wrong with that? I am against banning things such as large beverages because to me - if you ban a large cup, then people are going to buy 2 mediums - you cannot ban or limit how much one purchases. But, I do believe educating people on how to make healthier choices would be more successful. Look at cigarette commercials - they show people with missing limbs - why couldn't we do that? Why not show how 5 pounds of fat really look, and how many calories equals 5 pounds - that could be drastic, but for some people it could work. We are a society that rely on scare tactics. Encouraging healthier choices, hosting workshops/seminars on healthy living, or hosting campaigns could allow people to want to make these better choices.

Most people do not read nutritional facts on their packages and many people ignore the calories listed next to the Whopper or Venti Latte with extra Whip Cream; therefore, what do you expect people to do? How can you expect anyone to just want to be healthy? You cannot - they have to want to do it for themselves. We all need that wake up call, and I pray it is not a heart attack or stroke for my fellow Americans. Take better care of yourself, and remember you deserve to be happy and healthy.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut