Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've lost 50+ pounds - you can too!

This journey is probably the best journey I have ever taken. Each day, I realize just how bad how I want to be healthy, not skinny, but healthy. In the past, I’ve tried crazy diets and taken ridiculous diet pills just to lose the weight, but I was never successful. Starting this journey now 7 months ago, I’ve realized just how strong I was.
Throughout the course of this change, I’ve experienced many trials and tribulations. Days before the New Years, my house was robbed and I was extremely emotional. They stole my X-Box console, which I used daily to do my workouts, and this impacted my workout regime. I was no longer in control, but after a few days of sulking, I got over it, and realized that I still had to maintain focused so that I could accomplish this goal.   For a month in a half, I did not work out, but I ate properly – I followed the plan. Needless to say, I was able to lose about 2 pounds during the course of just eating properly. So, my trial turned into a triumphant event because as I realized how much control I had especially during the time of “disaster” in my life.
This change is something I plan to keep with me throughout the course of my life. It went from almost impossible, to difficult, to easy – it is second nature to me now. People will never have to wonder if I am going to relapse completely back to my old ways because I am determined to overcome the life of unhealthy living. Yes, ordering Chinese every night is easier than cooking a healthy meal. Yes, stopping at McDonalds for breakfast is more accommodating than making your own delicious breakfast. Living the unhealthy life is easy, but you have to find the balance for yourself.
See I work full-time as a teacher and Academic Advisor for a Medical Assisting program in Brooklyn, NY, and some days I am constantly moving or spend more time at work then at home; therefore, I had to find ways to incorporate this change into my new lifestyle without having to feel it was hindering it. When I started, I did not have the resources to which I have currently, but I spoke to people who were healthy, got ideas, did research, and found a plan that worked for me – counting calories. Up until this day, I still maintain 1200-1400 calories a day. I did fall off the band wagon of logging my food, but I seek to go back to doing that, so I can see the trends of what I eat, especially when it comes to my emotions.
The day I made this change was definitely an eye opener for me. What happened you may ask yourself? Well, on the night of October 15, 2012, I stepped on the scale and it read “OL” which means over the weight limit for the scale. I literally cried and felt myself going into a depression. I knew I was in the 300s, but I never knew I was that big. So, I basically went into my kitchen and cleaned house – literally. If it was not healthy, it did not belong in my presence. I went to the supermarket that evening, and I purchased fruits and vegetables. That night I did not have a plan, but all I knew was I had to make a change, and it had to happen immediately. Within in 2 days, I was able to read my weight on the scale – 345 pounds. While I was not happy about the 345, I was happy I was no longer OL, and I refuse to turn back to that day. I’ve moved forward, faced many challenges, overcome many trials, but in the end, I am a healthier person.
So, being healthy really can take a toll on us. Some people who are not aware of how unhealthy they are will not always understand your mind frame. People will try to get you to eat unhealthy or to binge drink, but you have to take control of yourself, and understand what YOUR GOAL is? Nobody can walk in our shoes; therefore, they will not be able to walk in your skin. Keep a positive mindset throughout the course of this journey, and you will realize just how amazing you are. If I can lose 50+ pounds, you can lose whatever number you choose to lose.