Wednesday, June 12, 2013

***GOOD DEED*** Do homeless people eat healthy? One did today...

This morning I left my vegetables at home, and only had my chicken for lunch. A few blocks from my job is a Key Food, and I took the walk there so I can get a bag of vegetables to go with my chicken for lunch - no opportunity to cheat here. But, on my way I walked past a homeless man. He asked for money or food, and I did not respond - I kept on walking.

While in the supermarket, I searched for what I needed - vegetables. As I was walking back to the register, I saw bags of vegetable chips on sale - 10/$10 = $1 bag. I did a double take, and reached for a bag, but then the homeless man came to mind, so I picked up 2 bags. At first, I laughed because I said, "Will this homeless man eat these?" But, my logic was, how can I live healthy, "preach" about being healthy, but buy the homeless man something unhealthy? So, I got the veggie chips.

Walking back to my job, I saw the man was still there, so I stopped and gave him the bag of chips. He said, "Oh thank you so much. I really appreciated it." I just smiled and walked away. I only got a few feet away and heard the bag open. I smiled inside because I realized most people would either walk by like I did and never think again for various reasons, or give him something like candy or a greasy burger (he was sitting in front of Five Guys).

I realized that in order for me to truly believe in healthy, I have to live it every day. The super markets and stores make it 100% easy to overlook the healthy. They find ways to allow us to eat unhealthy because it is there. Therefore, when we see someone in need, our 6th sense tells us to give them something unhealthy too.

I did not stand there and record the man eating the bag, but I felt good doing something, and applying my lifestyle to another person. I've seen people ask for something (not just homeless people), but when it is vegetables or fruit, they frown their faces like you gave them dog crap.

Next time you see someone in need, try to offer them something healthy and see how they react. Actually, it does not matter how they respond - just know you did a good deed.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut