Wednesday, June 26, 2013

***QUESTION OF THE DAY*** Are you happy you did not get WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY?

Yes, every time I reflect back to my journey towards weight loss surgery, I am happy that I did not go that route. I attempted not once, but two times at getting surgery - Lap Band and The Sleeve. The surgeon was very nice, but he indicated the best results for me was to just become healthy. In my early 20s I was dying to just get the weight off - I was looking for the quick, fast results. I ended up getting denied because I was classified as being healthy, just overweight.

What does that mean?
This indicated that I was just overweight and was not at a high risk of needing the surgery immediately. Patients like individuals with high blood pressure and diabetes are cleared as high risk because losing the weight could assist and aid their illnesses. Of course I was angry at the insurance company and my job because they would technically did not allow me to get the surgery. The company I worked for, indicated they would not cover the surgery at all, and when the doctor appealed, this is when the insurance company indicated - I was basically healthy. My solution? He told me to just go on a diet and exercise - the weight would come off. I cried, became angry, and ate myself into a deeper obesity problem...

Do you wish you had the surgery now looking back?
Now that I have tackled this, I know for a fact the surgery was not for me. It is difficult for people to understand the concept of losing gradually. I know people who are only 200 pounds with no real medical issues and are being approved for weight loss surgery. This bothers me because there are too many risk when going in for weight loss surgery. I know someone who lost a close friend because of complications experiences post the surgery. This person ended up with blood poisoning. I know another person who had a bad reaction to anesthesia, and never woke up post surgery. These are real people, but we never heard about them in the news or the health journals, but there are so many risk.

Besides the risks, I look at some people who have had the surgery, and depending on how big they were, they were in need of additional surgery, but most insurances will not cover it because it is considered cosmetic surgery - yes, I am referring to the removal of excess skin. I look at my body now and am so proud to see my body is conforming to what it should look like. I remember when I did the shake diet, and I lost the weight so fast, that my skin started to sag - not sexy.

People who get the surgery, I applaud them for wanting to take a step in the right direction. They want to get the pounds off. I understand some people just need the extra help to lose weight because some are unable to walk or function without help. But, personally, I am happy I found the right surgeon who did not push the issue of me becoming one of his patients. He provided a lot of advise, and I thank him for that indirect motivation. It was meant for me to experience the old life and for me to transition to this new lifestyle because when I speak, it comes from firsthand experience.

So, my recommendation: do what is best for you. If you are sure you cannot push past the challenges and you are in need to get healthy because of major medical issues, then do it! Find a surgeon who cares about you, not the money. Some doctors will do surgery on people who technically do not need it; however, there are some who will not touch you because they know deep inside it is unethical because you really do not need it. Choose your battles wisely. Dr. Jacobs - thank you, and thank you to myself for living the unhealthy life, but transitioning into the healthy side... If I can do it, you can too.

Find your motivation!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut