Thursday, June 6, 2013

Midweek Blues

Yesterday was very stressful. I had issues at work, with friends, and I felt my time of the month coming - forget Monday Blues, let's talk about Midweek Blues.

Despite how focused and driven you are, there will be days where everything seems to hold you back or throw you off track. Some people say, "Life is not that bad," according to who? Life is nothing but challenges, but it cannot knock you down. The ironic part was, yesterday morning while brushing my teeth, I said my prayer; asked God to give me strength for the day. Asked him to think and speak for me, but I realized that he sometimes makes us experience things to help us to become better people.

Now, I know this is typically about healthy living, but I realized this was significant too. I remembered the concepts and purpose of my healthy living program: become healthy on various levels - not just what you eat and do, but how you think, and the way you respond to everything. I've grown to realize over the last few months that it is just unhealthy to carry the weight of negative thoughts and energy. As humans we aim to please people - we want people to accept us for who we are, but the reality is, it will not always happen. People do not think the way you think - it is impossible.

My midweek blues consist of two years worth of frustration at work. I am an educator - love to teach, but when I go to the work in the morning I feel drained. Again, I had a lot going on, especially dealing with the upcoming women's issue, so that could simply be it. But, as my mentor and supervisor reminds me constantly, "You cannot change people and their actions... You cannot let what they do [don't do] or say to get to you..." Taking this piece of knowledge, I've realized I had to keep the little lady's words in the front (forget the back this week) of my mind because I saw myself losing the healthy focus.

Again, healthy is not just about what you eat and drink or how much you work out a week - it is also about how you view yourself and others. We want people to accept us; therefore, we have to accept them and their ways, and move forward. This concept is taught and passed onto Success Weight's members, and this is something we all need to accept in our lives to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck to you, and pray for FRIDAY to come ASAP.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut