Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turn the OLD into NEW

As you are going through this transitional period of your life, you are going to realize just how you are changing. For many people, eating healthy will lead to losing weight - great, some of us need that to jumpstart this lifestyle change. So, as you are slimming down, you begin to lose weight, and now your clothes become baggy and too big for you. Guess what? It can be frustrating, but it should be a rewarding feeling inside.

Now, nobody just woke up one day (unless you were in a coma) at the size you are today or was a few months ago. We buy new pants when the old ones become too small, but what do you do with those clothes? I hope you did not throw them away. I took my old jeans and pants that I could not fit because they were too small, and put them in a bin - I knew one day I was going to fit them again.

I've lost 70 pounds, and back when I started I was 350 pounds and a size 26 pants (depressing). But, I had clothes that were as small as 20/22 pants because I was once that size, and I kept those clothes. I even have pants with tags on them because I could not fit them before when I purchased them. GUESS WHAT? I have new clothes to fit and it does not cost me anything present day.

So before you go shopping do the following:
1. Try on all your old clothes. The size lower jeans you used to wear years ago, may fit today. You now have a "NEW" pair of jeans without purchasing any.

2. Get excited when you can fit into those old clothes. Take a picture and post it on Instagram or Facebook - share your good news.

3. Wear it like it is BRAND NEW. Feel confident in knowing that your body is transitioning in the right direction. Look

Losing weight is frustrating, but shouldn't be. Yes, I tried on shorts that I wore last summer, and they are too BIG. But, that is a great feeling because I knew how it felt to wear girdles during the summertime just to make the pants or my stomach look or appear smaller. But, I did find a pair of trouser shorts that are great for work that I purchased last year, but they were too small. Although they are a size 26, they fit nicely especially for the work environment. I have to try and get at least 2 wears out of them before they start to look like my scrubs - insanely too big. lol

Have fun with this process. Go shopping in your closet before you go spend money. You will be surprised at how much stuff you will have, and it will save you time and money at the mall.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

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