Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is money a great motivator?

Good morning!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - I did. :-)

So, I was reading on a blog about someone saying they would lose weight because of money. They asked would you do it? After much thinking during my train ride to work, I thought about it and said no. Why not?

1. When money is the motivator, you are pushing yourself to lose quickly. Let's say the grand prize is $1,000 to lose weight in a short time span. Now, most people who participate in these types are competitions are not based upon the total pounds lost, but the total percentage; therefore, depending on your starting weight, you may need to lose a lot of weight to compete amongst your peers.

2. Your mindset will not be dedicated to losing weight the right way. This is where people incorporate pills and crazy diets to push them to the edge.

3. You push yourself to the point where you may plateau sooner than later. Plateau is when your body stops allowing you to lose weight, and if you are losing too rapidly, you are prone to hit a standstill a lot quicker than if you lost is gradually.

4. You are most likely to revert back to your old ways within at least 6 months post-competition. We all know someone whose job had some form of competition for weight loss, and once the season was over, you see that same person, and they have gained the weight back.

Just think about it from this standpoint, when people are not aware of how to properly transition to a healthy lifestyle, once the have lost the weight, they do not know where to go. Would I join a competition for money, sure, but, I also have gained control of my life, so that money would literally go to just a new clothes. But, in the end, you should just want to gain a healthier YOU, and not dwell solely on the money aspect. Are you ready for a challenge? Success Weight is one of those options to live a healthier lifestyle.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut