Tuesday, June 25, 2013

***QUESTION OF THE DAY*** How do you deal with the change?

I am constantly asked various questions, and one that stood out was: How do you deal with the change?

Well, to be honest it is still strange for me. When I look at my body and analyze my habits, I realize how much I have changed. I try to remain humble about the change in lifestyle because I know how easy it is to revert back to the old habits. So, I embrace the change and take it one day at a time.

Living this new way has also made me reflect on the past - why did I do it before? I tend to ask myself that question numerous times especially when I speak to people about the various methods I attempted. Looking at the amount of money I wasted (and my mom's money) on diet plan and gimmicks left and right that it makes me sick at times. But, the reality is - it is what it is and I've changed now.

The one thing that has amazed me is how people around me has changed. Rather some, not all can be negative about my change. I hear comments like, "Oh, you will fail again..." "You sure you didn't get the surgery? Nobody loses weight that fast..." There will always be negativity towards one's change, but you have to remain focused on what you want. Many times we dwell on the comments of others around us, and we do not realize the change was done for us, not for the people around us.

So, as I continue to change, I feel a level of accomplishment. This past weekend I was able to go to Old Navy and I brought a few dresses - size XL. That is huge! I have not been able to get an XL dress ever. This is not the XL for Women's Plus Size, this was the regular plus. So, when you see your body changing and you realize how you are changing - it makes you feel great and each day you make an effort to change your lifestyle, you should be proud of yourself for all you have successfully done.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

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