Monday, June 17, 2013

***Healthy Tip*** Healthy is NOT a Gimmick

So, one of Success Weight's mottos are: No Gimmicks!

What is a gimmick? The promises of fast, quick, easy results. Things such as products and services which are supposed to help you lose weight. But, it says nothing about being healthy.

Every year something comes out by some Doctor or Company promising us the key to losing weight and some even go as far as saying, "...and keep it off..." Now, are there products which can help you do this? Yes. Are they all safe? No. Will everyone keep it off? No. Do we know this, but still buy it? Yes. Are these people rich? YES!!!

So the new recent "gimmick" is the body wrap. I've heard people rave about this especially since everyone is looking to get rid of the tummy fat for the beach season - fine, I understand. So, this body wrap is not new - I've had a series back in 2009. I found an ad in amNewYork (I used to read this a lot lol), but I went and they put this cream on, wrap me in saran wrap, and put me in this foil wrap (extra heat) for I think 30 minutes. I sweat. I did 3 - once a week. I didn't see any major results after 3, rather I did not see any results. But, I did spend $25 for the first wrap, and I think $40 for the last two.

So, present day - my coworkers and students come to me about this wrap. How I need to lose it. I had one say, "Please, you're wasting your time with that drinking water and eating good stuff. I eat how I want and when I want. I just put the wrap on, and I am burning fat and eating what I want." See this is why I hate gimmicks because it sends the wrong message. I know someone else who was dedicated to going to the gym and eating well, but once she got hooked on the wraps that changed. Gimmicks cannot promise you long term results.

Gimmicks are promises to sell something. In this society it is so easy though. See programs like Success Weight has a lot of competition because we are based on, not quick and easy, but gradual and long term results. People are not sure which they want. They want the long term results, but they want it now. See gimmicks may give you now or right now, but at what expense to the user? Diet pills can kill you. Wraps, if not used properly, could cause issues too. You have to educate yourself in knowing - YOU DID NOT PUT THE WEIGHT ON OVERNIGHT; IT WILL NOT COME OFF OVERNIGHT! Keep this in mind as you explore a healthy lifestyle.

Wanting to change your lifestyle means doing it in a way that will not prohibit your life in any other way. You have to eventually realize the gimmicks do not work. Every time I think back to all the gimmicks I fell into, I think about what I put my body through, and how much money I spent which was useless. The market of weight loss gimmicks is high, and trust I understand their perception - it is easy to sell the quick, fast idea - why not? Nobody is looking into long term or gradual results. No! You have people  going broke to pay for products that are not really good for them, but the idea of losing weight this fast is all they focus on. Trust, I was there. I broke the special shakes so I could lose up to 21 pounds in 4 weeks - boy, I had it figured out... I spent money on the special cream that melts the fat off. I did it all and more.

Bottomline - healthy living has no gimmicks attached. Either you want it or you don't. We cannot promise 20 pounds in 2 days, and we won't. We don't want you dwelling on when you want to lose it by. Just focus on you actually doing it, and how you are going to keep it off. This is a challenge, but if you are ready then you will do what you have to do.

Good luck! Remember, stop falling into the gimmick track. Focus on the big picture.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut
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