Friday, May 31, 2013

Who are you doing it for?

Today while in the post office, I overheard a young lady on the phone. She was talking extremely loud, but her conversation kept me listening. She indicated how the guy she was seeing told her he would not make her his girlfriend until she lost the weight. Now, I have been in this same situation before, so I understood her argument. However, the Tanisha today will not accept that.

She was telling the person on the phone how she hates this diet because all she eats is salad and drink water. Her exact words was, "I hate eating only salads and no burgers. But, I really want to be with him, so I gotta lose this weight now."  I was very taken aback because my mother always say, when a man want you to change all the things about you before he do something with you, means when you do it, he still won't.

I felt bad for this poor girl because she really has not understand that in order for her to be loved by others, she has to love herself. A man or woman should not give you restrictions or guidelines before the decide to be with you. You have to be with someone because you want to be with them - not if they change something first. Then she's doing something that she really do not want to do, that is where she will fail at.

When people (family, friends, doctors, etc.) tell you to lose weight, you are most likely to not start or be successful at it. Why? You have no self-motivation to want to do it. There are certain things that we do because we depend on it: i.e.: you know you have to pay your rent, so you go to work everyday and work overtime when you really don't want to. But, you are doing it because you need someplace to live. For health situations, that same theory does not quickly register over. My mom used to call me and tell me about the different young, wheelchair bound overweight people she seen at her job. She would add scare tactics to this, but she was doing it because she was telling me I needed to lose weight. I would take it in, do a diet, or go to the gym, but once I had an opportunity for why I couldn't stick to it, I used it. I WAS NOT READY!

Leaving the Post Office, it made me realize how so many people are all in the same shoes - the shoes I once was. Now, I look at MY decision to change MY LIFE. I appreciate the fact I have the willpower and self-motivation to push for a healthier lifestyle - no tricks, no gimmicks, no diets, no pills, and no surgery. It is a great feeling! Find your motivation and stick to it!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut