Sunday, May 19, 2013

Healthy Life = Happy Life

One of my members stated I seem less angry since I've made this change. Well it is true.
Living a healthy life by choice equals a happy life. When doctors or illness force you to live healthy, it can be difficult to love it and appreciate it. So, do something about it now before it comes to that point.
When I think back to the unhealthy days I was miserable. Back pains, negative people in my circle, and I was just unhappy with myself. But, we don't factor in how things are related to one another. For so long I wanted to lose weight, but I wasn't fully prepared for what was meant for me; therefore, I was not always the best person. Now that I have my health inline with things everything is coming to play.

My relationship with my mom has improved. She used to unintentionally hurt my feelings because she would talk to me about losing the weight so I can be healthy. I never wanted to hear that and would get angry with her. Now, our relationship is stronger.

My circle of friends has increased and we motivate each other. I have friends making smoothies and a few joined Success Weight because they saw the results.

My love life is stronger. When you're unhappy, you attract people who will add to that unhappiness. At the beginning of my journey, I was dating someone, but as I got control of my mindset and truly dedicated my life to this, I had to remove myself from that relationship. Now, I am with someone who is in my corner and provides support on everything I do - work, school, and my journey. So it does force you to surround yourself with people who care.

So if you truly want to be happy, life a healthy life. You can do it!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut