Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healthy Living Tip: How NOT to revert to the PAST

Healthy living requires you to sometimes reflect on your past. The past of diets and failed attempts of wanting to lose weight or even be healthy. Should you look to your past? YES! The past will help you to identify the trigger points of your failed attempts. The picture below is a great reminder as to why you need to take the time to reflect on why you are where you are today.


See in the past we went on diets, and once the diet was over, we tried to keep focused and maintain this newfound life. However, once you come off the diet, what happens? You revert back to where you were before or more. Once, I was on this protein shake doctor under the guidance of a phyisican (facility will remain nameless). They gave me two shakes a day and one "sensible" meal a day. So, the weight came flying off. I think I started that diet at about 301 pounds, and within my first 2 weeks I had lost literally 16 pounds. Boy, was I excited. I felt motivated, and driven. Since I was under doctor's orders, I thought this was healthy. I went on and on about how happy I was. But, once I started realizing how much money I was spending a month on these visits to the doctor's office, I had to stop - my budget was not feeling this after 2 months.

Fast forward not 6 months, but 2 months later guess what happened? I had gained all the weight back plus an additional 10 pounds, so I ended up at a 311 pounds - depressing. So, now as I reflect on the past and realize these diets are crazy. They are designed to make you quickly revert back to the old lifestyle . Living healthy means that "After-After" is going to look AMAZING, not depressing.

Keep this in mind as you go through the process. Make wise decisions based upon what you want in life... Forget the people who say do not look or think about the past... No, you need to in order to identify ways in being successful going forward.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut