Tuesday, May 28, 2013

REAL CONVERSATION: Overcoming Late Night Snacks!

Good morning everyone,

Sorry I am late, but better late than never lol.  So, I experienced something last night - late night snacking! Yesterday I had an emotional day, and decided to take a nap. Well, my nap turned into sleep, and I woke up at 12am. At midnight, I was wide awake, and guess what happened? I wanted a snack so bad.

I first had a grape fruit and lemon water to calm down my cravings... That did not work. My body was going crazy looking for something bad and delicious to put in my body. Since my gums were hurting, I took a trip to the 24 Hour Rite Aid to buy some oral care to ease the pain. But, while I was in the store, I literally walked pass the chips for like 5 minutes. I picked up a yogurt, but I went back by the chips, and yes, I purchased a bag of chips. So, yes even I give in sometimes. Once I got in the car, I opened the bag, and started to eat them - I could not resist. I told myself, when I get 5 blocks away, I would stop eating them, and throw the bag out (not out the window). So, I did that. I ate until I got 5 block away, and put them in the bag of the truck. When I got to the garage, I threw the bag in the trash. I satisfied my cravings, but put limits on how much. I knew I could not eat the entire bag, did not want to revert to my old ways, even if it was just a few chips.

This goes to show that every once in a while, you will face that temptation, just hope it does not come at 1am like mine. It was challenging, but you have to know yourself and just how much will power you have. Remember, the point of this healthy lifestyle is not to limit you, but to help you make adjustments. This is a long journey, but one that is worth living and fighting for.

Over and out. Until later...

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut