Thursday, May 23, 2013

Self-Motivation: The Choice is Always Yours

Transitioning into a healthy lifestyle means you are accepting the responsibilities going forward. You have learned how to make the best choices for yourself, but have also motivated yourself to make those choices. When I hear people say they could not do something because it was not their faults, I wonder if they really believe that. Speaking first hand, I know all about choices, and how I've constantly made poor choices in the past, but blamed everyone else for my choices. Now, I accept when I eat something that I know it really bad for me - Big Mac from McDonalds or chicken and french fries from the Chinese Restaurant. I no longer blame time, people, or limited choices. I go into the situation understanding this is the choice I am making and know the outcome in the end - guilt.

When people make poor decisions, immediately they feel guilty and feel they've let themselves down - do not worry - we all make mistakes. Accept your decision, live with it, and move forward. The worst thing you can do is dwell in the poor decision slump because you will only constantly think of that and still cheat later. NO! Accept it and make sense of it. This is why members of Success Weight are constantly reminded to record everything they eat and do - good or bad. We have to know and understand the patterns we developed, and find ways to correct them. This is how living healthy can change your whole perspective on life and food.

Remember we all have choices. Before you make that choice, truly analyze what it is going to do for you. Will it really make you feel better? Sure, maybe for the moment. But, once it settles in, you are going to feel horrible, maybe even tired and fatigue. These are the choices we live with daily. Temptation is close and nearby, but you have the power to control what goes in! You can do it! I have nothing but support in you!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut