Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Tips to my fellow HEALTHY LIVING PEOPLE

1. Prepare your meals. People think logging their food and drinks is difficult, but if you prepare your meals this makes it easier for you.
2. Keep a positive attitude. Some days you are going to feel you have no purpose, but the reality is you control the thoughts in your head. If you want this, claim it!
3. Take ownership of your actions. Some people cheat, and dwell on it; therefore, they continue with the bad habits instead of taking responsibility for their actions and moving forward.
4. Cheat, but cheat wisely. I hate when people say, "Today is my cheat day. They cheat for the entire day instead of cheating for one meal. You are entitled to treat yourself, but do not allow it to become 3 big unhealthy meals for the entire day - that is not good.
5. Enjoy your new lifestyle. Sometimes, we fail to realize just how amazing being healthy is. When you are used to eating unhealthy, you tend to continue with this pattern. If you love cooking, then cook new amazing meals. If you love dancing, then let dancing be your source of exercise.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut