Friday, May 10, 2013


Good morning Bloggers!

Today is such a beautiful day – I woke up feeling awesome. Yesterday was definitely an emotional day for me, and my body felt it regardless of how I ate. I had cravings, and by the end of the day – literally the end of the day (12am) I found myself eating baked cheese nips. Now, this would be fine if it was early in the day, but it was late at night and way after my allowed time to eat. But, I am human right?!

What do I do now? Get over it! Dwelling on cheating will lead to more cheating, and this means you are setting yourself up to cheating a lot more in the near future. Understand your body and life, and as you experience the real bad days, you will learn how to handle it going forward. Reflect on the day’s events, and identify the triggers of the stress. Mine was – getting two flat tires within a 12 hour time span on the same tire, and having to deal with the business who failed to fix the flat the first time. It was very emotional, and then work was an added stress. I felt drained and even though I had my vitamins, drunk plenty of water, walked to get my cardio, and even my 4 shot sugar free latte from Starbucks could not get me motivated! So, the stress was real, and even though I did not cheat in terms of having double cheeseburgers with French fries or a gallon of soda, I still cheated in the sense. I allowed my emotions to take over what was most important – my goal.

What did I do this morning? I woke up (thank you Lord). But, after that I made sure I took note of my actions (this posting), made a healthy breakfast, and looked at all that I have accomplished. For instance, today was my first day wearing a comfortable belt – where I did not feel like I was almost being cut in half. That is an accomplishment for me! I used to be a size 26 in jeans, and still have to wear girdles to suck things in. This used to make me feel 10x worse about my body, but now I need to wear a belt because my size 22s are slowly becoming baggy on me J. So, the motto of the story is – turn a negative feeling into a positive reality!

We all have bad days, but don’t let your bad days completely overcome your ultimate healthy living goal. Be happy, and for my New Yorkers, enjoy the beautiful weather today – I know I am!